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What's Included?

Our maids will put in as much effort as it takes to get your home looking as good as new! Here’s whats’s included in your cleaning service:

✓ Professional Cleaning Team (2 People, 1 for Smaller Homes)
✓ All Supplies and Tools (Vacuums, Mops, etc.)
✓ Amazing Customer Service through Phone, Chat or Email
✓ 200% Happiness Guarantee

Residential Cleaning Services


✓ Dust and wipe down all surfaces
✓ Vacuum and mop all floors
✓ Make beds
✓ Clean mirror and fixtures
✓ Clean tables and chairs
✓ Empty bins
✓ Clean door/cabinet surfaces
✓ Clean hallways, staircases
✓ Clean cobwebs
✓ Clean light switches and doorknobs



✓ Dust and wipe down all kitchen surfaces
✓ Vacuum and mop floors
✓ Clean the sink
✓ Clean exterior of microwave and appliances
✓ Clean outside of cabinets and drawers
✓ Clean outside of oven and fridge
✓ Clean stove



✓ Dust and wipe down all surfaces
✓ Clean the sinks
✓ Clean the toilets
✓ Clean countertops
✓ Clean tubs and showers
✓ Clean outside of cabinets and drawers
✓ Clean mirrors and fixtures
✓ Vacuum and mop floors



+ Clean Inside the Oven
+ Clean Inside the Fridge
+ Clean Interior Walls
+ Clean Interior Cabinets
+ Clean Inside Windows
+ Clean Baseboards

House Cleaning Services

It is a dynamic world and everything is on the move. Nothing is stationary. Before you know it you will find yourself overwhelmed with events. And one of the things that will get you unaware is cleaning your living space. Just imagine the ugly sight of dirty dishes right in your kitchen sink. What about the piling heap of your dirty clothes and the mess in your bedroom? Perhaps you shouldn’t even think of the situation in your washroom or the prevailing status of your living room among other areas in your house. This is quite a whole lot of exercise on its own in addition to the amount of your regular work at the office. Given that you are human and not a machine, you deserve to have a rest by all means. But who will perform your house cleaning for you? Well, your answer lies in the house cleaning services and looking for the maid services should be your priority at the moment. That is why House Cleaning Company SwiftClean in Southern California has come up with a long term solution to your prevailing predicament.

By hiring maid services from the company, you will be saving yourself from the agony of indulging in those tiresome household duties. Instead, you will save that time for something else. Needless to say, the thought of walking leisurely into a clean house should be a motivation to using SwiftClean maid services. At least you will have peace of mind away from challenging tasks such as cleaning toilets, removing stubborn dust from shelves, vacuuming your living room rug and tidying up your bedroom among other duties. In fact, you will use that time to catch up with the current affairs from your favorite TV programs or exchange one or two jokes with friends via social media. All these activities are possible if only you knew the importance of including house cleaning services in your budget. Make an effort and reach out to SwiftClean Company to have your dreams fulfilled by professional cleaners. Why choose SwiftClean Company?

Affordability and Convenience

The first thing to look for when hiring maid services is the price involved. Of course, no one likes spending a huge sum of money on anything however valuable it may seem. At SwiftClean, our house cleaning services are tailored towards meeting your needs while taking into consideration the aspect of affordability. Before we get down to work, our team of professional cleaners will assess your project and discuss with you how you want the work done in relation to your budget. Whether you want our house cleaning services on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, we have you fully covered. We are confident enough that you will find every bit of our cleaning procedure satisfactory and up to standards.

We also work in a timely manner to ensure that you don’t get inconvenienced in any way. That is why our company assigns you maid or cleaning services that won’t coincide with your time of relaxing in your home after a long day of work. You can trust that everything in your house right from the living room to the washroom and kitchen to the bedroom all the way to your washroom will be at its best once we are done with our cleaning. In the end, you will definitely marvel at our professional way of performing our cleaning tasks.

Reliable and Flexible

It can be hard to trust that your job will get done to perfection without your close supervision. With our services and a team of devoted cleaning professionals, you can rest assured that you will get what you’ve paid for or even better. We believe that a good service rendered is an added advantage to both the client and the company hence our devotion to our high-quality house cleaning services. Eventually, you will understand our reliability and flexibility so you may hire our maid services again in the future. Finally, we take our time to instill a sense of integrity among our team members. We all know that it takes a lot of trust to have a stranger work in your house while you are not there. SwiftClean professionals have been vetted and certified to be reliable, honest, flexible and hardworking. This means that when you assign our company the task of cleaning your house, you can sit back knowing that your cleaning will be done in time and your home is actually in safe hands.

If you are struggling to balance your daily activities with your house cleaning task, we are here to lend a hand. Turn to our maid services and enjoy a stress-free stay in your house.

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