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SwiftClean House Cleaning Service in Newport Beach

Experience the difference that the professional cleaners from SwiftClean can bring to your home. We find the most skilled and responsible maid service providers who are ready to transform your house, apartment, or condo into a comfortable and hygienic place for you and your family to live. Do you want to save more time in your busy weekly schedule, or do you need special event cleaning as a one-time deal? We have you covered.

The decision to use SwiftClean’s cleaning services in Newport Beach allows you to get more done without stress or strain. Stop wasting time with housecleaning chores when you would rather dedicate it to work, school, socializing, family, or exploring all the wonderful things this California town has to offer. Our expert maids are ready to help on schedule every time. Visit our website for simple booking using a convenient form or give us a call today to put all of your cleaning worries to rest.

What Makes SwiftClean the Best House Cleaning in Newport Beach?

Save more of your time with the most efficient house cleaning services at SwiftClean

Enjoy More Free Time in Your Weekly Schedule

The reliable cleaning professionals chosen by SwiftClean clear your schedule of busy work and chores. When you make the decision to hire the very best, you know you can trust your home to these maids. This gives you the opportunity to get out and enjoy life in Newport Beach. The process of finding reputable cleaners usually takes a long time and includes a lot of headaches. We take care of all that for you and make booking easy and transparent.

The Most Trusted Maid Service in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, & Ventura

Discover A Maid Service You Can Trust

We at SwiftClean know how difficult it can be to invite a stranger into your home and trust them with your property. This is why we make sure that every house cleaning professional we accept into our agency is carefully vetted and researched prior to inclusion. This means that you receive the most reputable and trustworthy maid service in Newport Beach and the surrounding area. Our pro team only includes a select few of the total number of people who apply.

The Most Reliable House Cleaners in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, & Ventura

Detailed Cleaning Options Every Day

Skilled maid services offered by the professionals at the SwiftClean agency is ready to give your home a complete treatment every time they come to your house. While signing up for weekly scheduled cleaning gives you peace of mind that your home will be healthy and hygienic all the time, the house cleaners also offer specialty services on request. Let us know what you need, and we will find the right team to tackle interior windows, oven and fridge cleaning, woodwork, and more. We can even schedule these seasonally or before special events.

Affordable house cleaning in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, & Ventura

Affordable Maid Service Suits Any Budget

We at SwiftClean believe that everybody should have access to top-level cleaning services that will not cause financial strain. Time is money, after all, and you need time to take care of business, education, and the all-important relaxation necessary for your overall success. Our teams of exceptional maids can be available at affordable prices without sacrificing quality. While we bring you the very best, we also compensate the maids for their skill and efforts with appropriate wages.

Customer satisfaction is of the highest importance to our house cleaning company

SwiftClean Puts Your Satisfaction at the Top of the List

If any maid that comes to your house in Newport Beach fails to live up to expectations, get in touch with the customer service representatives at SwiftClean as soon as possible. We do everything possible to guarantee your satisfaction and work hard to make sure that the cleaning services we offer are top-rated every time. Please call or use the useful online contact system to ask questions or voice concerns any time during business hours.

Our secure online booking platform makes scheduling your next house cleaning service quick & hassle-free.

Every Client Gets a Custom Clean

Whether you need scheduled cleaning every week or want to spruce up your house before a party or other special event, the maids offered by SwiftClean bring the best house cleaning service in the Newport Beach area. Book regular cleaning to take some of the strain away from your weekly schedule and cross the most tedious jobs off your to-do list. Or make sure every guests get a great first impression when they step through your doors.

Cleaning Services in Newport Beach

Weekly Services

Bi-Weekly Services

Monthly Services

One-Time Services

What's Included?

Our Newport Beach house cleaners will put in as much effort as it takes to get your home looking as good as new! Here’s whats’s included in your cleaning service:

✓ Professional Cleaning Team (2 People, 1 for Smaller Homes)
✓ All Supplies and Tools (Vacuums, Mops, etc.)
✓ Amazing Customer Service through Phone, Chat or Email
✓ 200% Happiness Guarantee

Residential Cleaning Services


✓ Dust and wipe down all surfaces
✓ Vacuum and mop all floors
✓ Make beds
✓ Clean mirror and fixtures
✓ Clean tables and chairs
✓ Empty bins
✓ Clean door/cabinet surfaces
✓ Clean hallways, staircases
✓ Clean cobwebs
✓ Clean light switches and doorknobs



✓ Dust and wipe down all kitchen surfaces
✓ Vacuum and mop floors
✓ Clean the sink
✓ Clean exterior of microwave and appliances
✓ Clean outside of cabinets and drawers
✓ Clean outside of oven and fridge
✓ Clean stove



✓ Dust and wipe down all surfaces
✓ Clean the sinks
✓ Clean the toilets
✓ Clean countertops
✓ Clean tubs and showers
✓ Clean outside of cabinets and drawers
✓ Clean mirrors and fixtures
✓ Vacuum and mop floors



+ Clean Inside the Oven
+ Clean Inside the Fridge
+ Clean Interior Walls
+ Clean Interior Cabinets
+ Clean Inside Windows
+ Clean Baseboards

From Our Customers

Book Your Maid Service Newport Beach Instantly

Who Can Benefit From Top Professional Maid Service in Newport Beach?

Any resident of Newport Beach, California and the surrounding area can now enjoy top-level cleaning service without questions or concerns. You have a busy life full of work, school, family responsibilities, social events, and still want some time for yourself. Things like cleaning up the house can fall by the wayside as you struggle to keep up with your packed schedule. Those with large homes, pets, and especially children may have an even harder time keeping everything as neat as they would like. SwiftClean offers Newport Beach home cleaning services that can take all these troubles away from you.

You do not need a large home or a large budget to get help from professional cleaners. Our knowledgeable and dedicated maids offer pro services for condominiums and apartments, too. We can even deep clean a rental before you move so you can reclaim most or all of your security deposit. If you are selling your house, a proper scrubbing boosts the power of an open house and may entice potential buyers to consider placing a higher bid. For those who never plan to move from the lovely Newport Beach area, this same type of cleaning service dedication will make every day here comfortable and beautiful.

The expert maids offered through the SwiftClean agency are always on hand for weekly or monthly scheduled work. However, if you have a special event like a party, family reunion, or another event on your calendar, contact us for a one-time cleanup special. No matter what your service needs, SwiftClean offers the best house cleaning in Newport Beach so you can enjoy more of life in this beautiful location.

Convenience For Your Schedule Without Sacrificing Clean

When you live in such a beautiful part of California as Newport Beach, the last thing you want to do is spend all their time inside dusting, scrubbing, and vacuuming. The sun and the surf call to you, and you deserve the opportunity to answer that call and head out for a bike ride along the beach, building a sandcastle on the golden sand, or simply watching the waves from the Newport Pier. With a busy schedule of work, school, and other responsibilities, everyone needs some time to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the invigoration of the Pacific Ocean.

If you have children, hiring a professional maid service to tackle the bothersome chores is an even better idea. Instead of spending your time trying to get the kids to clean up, take them on an educational adventure to the Upper Newport Bay Nature Reserve or the Environmental Nature Center. While expert cleaning service people take care of the dirt inside your home, you and your family have the opportunity to explore nature.

Many people dream of having more time to spend on fun activities, hobbies, or outings with friends and family. SwiftClean understands how important it is to have free hours in your schedule to rejuvenate. That is why we work so hard to bring only the best Newport Beach maid service to all of our clients. Simple booking, flexible scheduling, and affordable prices just make it that much better.

Reclaim More Free Time to Enjoy Newport Beach, California

Hiring a reputable housecleaner is about more than just freeing up an hour here and there you would normally spend on chores. When you book a weekly or biweekly maid service, your whole schedule can change along with your state of mind. SwiftClean takes away all the stress of finding the right ones to hire, and since we guarantee results, you have nothing to worry about. What better way to relax and enjoy yourself when the problem of finding a reputable house cleaning service is taken care of for you?

Now, instead of worrying about when you will get to window cleaning or scrubbing the woodwork, you can spend your time planning exciting outings in Newport Beach. This is the opportunity to do all those great things nearby that you never found time or energy for in the past. Just imagine how excited your children will be when you surprise them with a trip to the Balboa Fun Zone. Take some time with your girlfriends to hit Fashion Island for some retail therapy. Even book a trip on one of the Newport Landing Whale Watching tours.

All of these things and more are so much more entertaining and worthwhile than staying at home and cleaning. Let SwiftClean handle the maid service in Newport Beach. You go out and enjoy life.