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SwiftClean House Cleaning Service in Huntington Beach

SwiftClean chooses only top-quality cleaners available in the Huntington Beach locale to help residents achieve the look and feel they wanted home without worry or wasted time. Our vetting process results in a highly reputable and skilled collection of maids who understand what it takes to provide cleaning services with exceptional quality. We provide cleaners for single-family homes and apartments or condos in multi-family units. Whatever your needs for scheduled services or special events, SwiftClean maids have you covered.

Imagine having more free time in your busy schedule to enjoy the wonderful things that Huntington Beach has to offer. When you hand over house cleaning chores to a trustworthy and experience cleaner, you can cross them off your schedule and regain more personal time to enjoy. SwiftClean makes scheduling your Huntington Beach house cleaning service simple with an easy online form or customer service phone number.

What Makes SwiftClean the Best House Cleaning in Huntington Beach?

Save more of your time with the most efficient house cleaning services at SwiftClean

Cross Cleaning Chores Off Your Busy Schedule

Never compromise on the look and feel of your home because you do not have time to take care of household cleaning chores. SwiftClean specializes in locating the best Huntington Beach maid services you can trust with your property and belongings. Stop wasting your time researching companies and waiting for price quotes. Just fill out a booking form online and get prices and availability right away. We make the whole process as quick and simple as possible so you can devote your time and energy to more important or entertaining things. You need more time for yourself, and SwiftClean house cleaners can help.

The Most Trusted Maid Service in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, & Ventura

Enjoy Whole Trust and Reliance on Carefully Selected Maids

Out the hundreds of hopeful cleaning service providers who applied to be part of the SwiftClean group, we only select ones worthy of your trust and our quality guidelines. This is one of the most important aspects of a professional relationship with maid services, and we are dedicated to only offering the absolute best to our clients. We know you must feel comfortable with the team you bring into your home. That is why we always research every applicant closely to make sure they are trustworthy and reputable.

The Most Reliable House Cleaners in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, & Ventura

Custom Plans Help Your Home Look Its Best

Every homeowner or renter has particular needs for a clean home. Perhaps you want weekly cleaning to keep up with regular chores. Maybe you need special service before a party or other occasion that requires you and your home to make a great first impression. Long to-do lists take away from the possibility of exploring Huntington Beach and finding time to have fun and. SwiftClean maid agency provides the assistance you need to keep your house beautiful and healthy without compromising any free time at all. Every maid we include in our agency list is ready to offer pro-level services to satisfy your needs for cleanliness and upkeep.

Affordable house cleaning in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, & Ventura

Excellent Price Options for Maid Service

Affordability matters for everyone looking for outstanding house cleaning in Huntington Beach, California. While we offer completely transparent and comfortable pricing, we also offer the maids appropriate compensation for the hard work they do every day. We believe that people from all walks of life should have the opportunity to enjoy more free time. Hand your cleaning chores over to the professionals without breaking the bank.

Customer satisfaction is of the highest importance to our house cleaning company

Guaranteed Service Delivers Great Results

SwiftClean does everything possible to make sure that every maid we accept has a reputation for greatness, dependability, and trustworthiness. We are confident that every client will receive exceptional service without any surprises. Your complete satisfaction is our #1 priority. If you ever have questions or concerns about your maid service or want to change things to better suit your needs, simply pick up your phone and call our customer service representatives or send a message over the Internet using our convenient form.

Our secure online booking platform makes scheduling your next house cleaning service quick & hassle-free.

SwiftClean Chooses Top Maids for Specialty Services

Many maids can run a vacuum over your rugs or wipe the dust off of a few pieces of furniture. Unfortunately, some stop there and never give a truly complete cleaning to your home. With our very particular vetting process and requirements, the SwiftClean residential maid services work intelligently, quickly, yet thoroughly to leave you with the cleanest house or apartment possible. Specialty services like an appliance, woodwork, or window cleaning are also available. Just tell us what you need, and we will find the right Huntington Beach maid for the job.

Cleaning Services in Huntington Beach

Weekly Services

Bi-Weekly Services

Monthly Services

One-Time Services

What's Included?

Our Huntington Beach house cleaners will put in as much effort as it takes to get your home looking as good as new! Here’s whats’s included in your cleaning service:

✓ Professional Cleaning Team (2 People, 1 for Smaller Homes)
✓ All Supplies and Tools (Vacuums, Mops, etc.)
✓ Amazing Customer Service through Phone, Chat or Email
✓ 200% Happiness Guarantee

Residential Cleaning Services


✓ Dust and wipe down all surfaces
✓ Vacuum and mop all floors
✓ Make beds
✓ Clean mirror and fixtures
✓ Clean tables and chairs
✓ Empty bins
✓ Clean door/cabinet surfaces
✓ Clean hallways, staircases
✓ Clean cobwebs
✓ Clean light switches and doorknobs



✓ Dust and wipe down all kitchen surfaces
✓ Vacuum and mop floors
✓ Clean the sink
✓ Clean exterior of microwave and appliances
✓ Clean outside of cabinets and drawers
✓ Clean outside of oven and fridge
✓ Clean stove



✓ Dust and wipe down all surfaces
✓ Clean the sinks
✓ Clean the toilets
✓ Clean countertops
✓ Clean tubs and showers
✓ Clean outside of cabinets and drawers
✓ Clean mirrors and fixtures
✓ Vacuum and mop floors



+ Clean Inside the Oven
+ Clean Inside the Fridge
+ Clean Interior Walls
+ Clean Interior Cabinets
+ Clean Inside Windows
+ Clean Baseboards

From Our Customers

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What Benefits Do You Get With SwiftClean’s Huntington Beach Cleaning Services?

When you contact SwiftClean to hire a professional maid service, you get exactly what you need to tackle your every day or toughest cleaning jobs. Whether you own a large residence, live in a condominium, or rent an apartment, your schedule could use some more free time so you can take care of more important things or enjoy relaxation and fun in this glorious California region. Do not let life pass you by while you scrub countertops and wash windows. Our weekly, biweekly, or special event cleaning services give you a break from your busy schedule.

Every part of your home receives a comprehensive cleaning that does not cut corners. We only choose the best and most reputable maids in the area who are dedicated to every necessary chore to deliver a beautiful and sanitized home to every client. Booking is simple with our online form. You get the schedule you want, transparent pricing, and dependable cleaning service every time. SwiftClean takes care of the application process so you do not have to waste your time and energy doing it on your own.

Our guarantee includes finding use the most reputable Huntington Beach maids that you can rely on to clean your home exceptionally well with no doubts about their skill or trustworthiness. Just imagine what you can do with all your newfound time and energy. Perhaps your tidying up chores have been forgotten due to a busy work schedule. Maybe things get cluttered quickly if you have children at home. No matter what the problems are that make it difficult or unappealing for you to clean on your own, SwiftClean has you covered.

Exceptional Maids in Huntington Beach Make Your Life Easier

You work hard, take care of your family and pets, and still find time to have a social life. However, it can be difficult to fit house chores into your busy schedule. Plus, who wants to stay indoors cleaning and vacuuming when Huntington Beach calls you outside with all the wonderful things this region of California has to offer? Now, with SwiftClean’s excellent recommendation and booking system, you can get trusted help guaranteed.

People come from all over the world to visit the golden sands and turquoise waters of Huntington Beach, CA. If you are lucky enough to live in this part of California, you should find some time to head out and enjoy the sun and surf. Visit Huntington Beach Pier for a different look at the waves. Drive out to the state park to explore wetlands, do a bit of fishing, or go on a bike ride on a well-maintained trail. This region is a nature-lover’s paradise, but there are plenty of options for people more interested in urban adventure, cultural education, or simply enjoy a bit of shopping and a delicious meal at an award-winning restaurant.

Convenience, Affordability, and Trust Mean the Best Service Around

The amazing ease of online booking gives you a headache-free way of engaging the most reputable and experienced house cleaners without going through all the annoying interviews, research, and in-home estimate processes. It is difficult to enjoy even the most amazing outing to the beach, a museum, or shopping mall if you have household chores hanging over your head. SwiftClean maid services take care of that for you. Wherever you decide to go with your newfound free time, you can be sure to come home to a sparkling clean and hygienic home on schedule every time.

Huntington Beach offers so much more than fun in the sun, however. A few hours in the surf offer a great way to enjoy life and relax, but other things require more time and preparation. Since SwiftClean maids do such a great job, always show up on time and prepared to work, and, at quite affordable prices, you have extras of everything to buy tickets to the Huntington Beach Symphony Orchestra in the evening, plan a romantic night with Sunset Gondola tours, and shop till you drop at the Old World Village and Bella Terra.

In the end, it does not matter what you love to do in Huntington Beach if you do not have time or energy to enjoy it. Book online with fully transparent pricing at the SwiftClean website and remove all that worry and strain from your life.