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SwiftClean House Cleaning Service in Fillmore

Finding the right person to come in and clean your home can cause stress and worry. Can you trust them to do a great job? When you contact SwiftClean, your worries and wasted time are over. We team up with local Fillmore maids, fully vet their past experience and responsibilities, and organize the type of residential cleaning services you need.

Are you having a party at home and need a deep clean before the guests arrive? Do you have a very busy schedule and would rather spend your time enjoying Fillmore, California then staying at home and cleaning? No matter what the reason, SwiftClean provides top-quality maid service for you. Take time to enjoy your life, and slept our collection of reputable and highly skilled cleaners take care of your home.

What Makes SwiftClean the Best House Cleaning in Fillmore?

Save more of your time with the most efficient house cleaning services at SwiftClean

Professional Cleaning Services to Suit Your Needs

For weekly chores or a special event, SwiftClean provides the best maid service available in the area. The professional cleaners aligned with our agency are ready to tackle scheduled cleaning that keeps your home looking fresh and neat. We also provide one-time or special event maid services to spruce up any residence before a big party, family visit, or holiday.

The Most Trusted Maid Service in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, & Ventura

The Convenience of Regularly Scheduled Maid Service

SwiftClean home cleaning services exist to save you the time and headaches usually associated with keeping your home neat and hygienic. We at SwiftClean are very selective when it comes to accepting cleaners to our agency, so you know you will always get the very best. Our Fillmore maids bring skills, reliability, and trustworthiness to every job they do.

The Most Reliable House Cleaners in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, & Ventura

Responsible and Local Fillmore Cleaners

Some homeowners worry about the trustworthiness of cleaning crews who have access to their home. The SwiftClean agency is dedicated to providing only the safest experience possible. Every maid goes through a rigorous vetting process that measures their reputation and their skills to ensure that we provide the best and most responsible for every client.

Affordable house cleaning in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, & Ventura

SwiftClean Offers a Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe so strongly in our cleaner selection process that we guarantee your satisfaction with every service they provide. If at any time you experience a problem or are dissatisfied, call or use our convenient online form to contact our customer service representatives during business hours. Your satisfaction is our number one concern, and we will do everything possible to make sure you are delighted with the maid service you receive.

Customer satisfaction is of the highest importance to our house cleaning company

Experience Pro Home Cleaning at Great Prices

People from all walks of life have busy schedules and deserve some time off to relax or enjoy their community. We strive to hire the best but also keep Fillmore maid services portable for homeowners and renters alike. The SwiftClean referral agency offers budget-friendly prices without underpaying the hard-working cleaners we offer.

Our secure online booking platform makes scheduling your next house cleaning service quick & hassle-free.

Comprehensive Cleaning With a Personal Touch

Do not settle for a quick clean that only removes surface dirt. We deliver top-quality maid service from professionals who know how to get things truly clean and hygienic for you. Besides scheduled cleaning, we also offer custom services that are usually done seasonally or before special events such as holiday parties or family visits. Some of these include washing windows, oven and refrigerator cleaning, and scrubbing good work. Ask about these and other specialty services when you book a cleaning with SwiftClean.

Cleaning Services in Fillmore

Weekly Services

Bi-Weekly Services

Monthly Services

One-Time Services

What's Included?

Our Fillmore housekeepers will put in as much effort as it takes to get your home looking as good as new! Here’s whats’s included in your cleaning service:

✓ Professional Cleaning Team (2 People, 1 for Smaller Homes)
✓ All Supplies and Tools (Vacuums, Mops, etc.)
✓ Amazing Customer Service through Phone, Chat or Email
✓ 200% Happiness Guarantee

Residential Cleaning Services


✓ Dust and wipe down all surfaces
✓ Vacuum and mop all floors
✓ Make beds
✓ Clean mirror and fixtures
✓ Clean tables and chairs
✓ Empty bins
✓ Clean door/cabinet surfaces
✓ Clean hallways, staircases
✓ Clean cobwebs
✓ Clean light switches and doorknobs



✓ Dust and wipe down all kitchen surfaces
✓ Vacuum and mop floors
✓ Clean the sink
✓ Clean exterior of microwave and appliances
✓ Clean outside of cabinets and drawers
✓ Clean outside of oven and fridge
✓ Clean stove



✓ Dust and wipe down all surfaces
✓ Clean the sinks
✓ Clean the toilets
✓ Clean countertops
✓ Clean tubs and showers
✓ Clean outside of cabinets and drawers
✓ Clean mirrors and fixtures
✓ Vacuum and mop floors



+ Clean Inside the Oven
+ Clean Inside the Fridge
+ Clean Interior Walls
+ Clean Interior Cabinets
+ Clean Inside Windows
+ Clean Baseboards

From Our Customers

Book Your Maid Service Fillmore Instantly

SwiftClean Is The Best Choice For Fillmore Home Cleaning Services 

We at SwiftClean people from all walks of life should be able to enjoy more free time and relaxation with the help of professional cleaning service people. With long work hours, family responsibilities, and maintaining some type of social life, keeping a clean home may become a challenge. This is especially true and important if you have children or pets. When you book regularly scheduled maid services in Fillmore through us, you know that they will take care of the dirty work so you can spend time doing more productive or interesting things.

Our budget-friendly options are available for regular weekly or monthly cleaning or special one-time appointments. People who live in rented apartments or condos appreciate a deep cleaning to help them get their security deposit back when they leave the complex or building. Homeowners looking to sell can use this type of service to prepare the property for inspection and open houses. Anyone moving in the Fillmore area should consider a comprehensive clean by a reputable maid crew.

When you need extra time in your busy schedule, professional maids take some of the pressure off. Do not waste time with the search for a maid, estimates, and complicated booking methods. SwiftClean takes care of all these things for you. Enjoy convenient, completely transparent pricing, a simple online booking form, and the knowledge that we carefully vet every maid before we offer their services to you.

Although single deep clean services can help you during a move or to regain a foothold on an interior mess, having a Fillmore maid come out for a scheduled weekly or biweekly appointment provides a wonderful benefit of more free time in your schedule. Are there things in and around this small California city that you have always wanted to do but never had the opportunity? Hire a professional cleaner and your schedule will open for more enjoyment.

Top Fillmore Maids Give You the Time For Life

This old city in California provides a wealth of interesting historical sites to enjoy by yourself or with your family. As the trustworthy and highly skilled cleaners take care of the vacuuming and dusting, consider jumping in the car and heading out to explore the best outing locations in your nearby area. You never have to worry that they are going to cause problems because SwiftClean only selects the very best during our in-depth vetting process.

Are you a history buff who wants to learn all about the past in this unique location? The City of Fillmore offers plenty of quaint and historical experiences right in its downtown area. You can also enjoy a western train ride at the Steam Rail Fest or Western Railway. They have plenty of events suitable for adults and children. Everyone will enjoy a trip to the Fillmore Historical Museum much more than they would enjoy staying at home and washing the windows.

If you are more interested in nature, consider the Fillmore Fish Hatchery or Bennett’s Honey Farm. From museums and art galleries to fun arcades and amazing restaurants, whatever you want to do near your Fillmore home is much easier when you have free time in your schedule.

That is what the SwiftClean maids provide. With guaranteed satisfaction, you will never have to re-clean any part of your house after they come by. With such close attention to detail, things will become much easier and more comfortable at home so even on the days you do not have an outing with the family, you can relax more fully and enjoy life. You can even take the opportunity to go on longer road trips without worrying about the chores you left back at home. The professional maids associated with our agency will deliver stellar work when you need it without question.

Fillmore itself may not be as full of adventure and entertainment as some of the larger cities nearby, but people who live here still enjoy its old-time atmosphere and relaxed feeling. If you want more of that in your life, it makes sense to free up part of your schedule so you can enjoy it more fully. With the quality and reliability of SwiftClean’s maid service offerings, you can do this without worrying about anything at all. Everything from finding the best highly trusted maids to making sure they arrive with the proper tools and supplies comes down to us.

As the reliable cleaners eradicate chores from your to-do list, explore your hometown and everything it has to offer. We provide guaranteed cleaning services in Fillmore, simple and reliable booking, special one-time services like baseboard cleaning and window washing, and the most convenient scheduling options for you.