10 Reasons Why Hiring A Professional Cleaner Makes Sense

10 Reasons Why Hiring A Professional Cleaner Makes Sense

Handing over your housework to someone else always comes with a massive amount of guilt. It’s your home, shouldn’t you know how to clean it best. The truth of the matter is, we don’t always have time we would like to devote to our home. Sometimes we are too busy with work or other household matters. Sometimes, we are simply too lazy to do anything else.

However, it still seems like an excuse and a misuse of money. In the end, it’s your money, and if you want to take a breather from the mundane tasks, you deserve to do so. Still, if the guilt is too much to bear, maybe you can take a look at these 10 reasons why having someone clean your home for you makes sense and assuage yourself from the irrational feelings.

1 . The Use of Supplies

There is no one-stop solution for cleaning. One mop and one microfibre cloth for all cleaning purposes won’t suffice. Different parts of the house requires use of different cleaning supplies and both arranging them and buying them costs you time and money. Your bathroom alone can need over 6 to 7 cleaning items, and that’s a minimum estimate.

Professional cleaners bring their own supplies. They have all they are going to need for every corner of your house and know how to switch between them easily without losing their mind. It also saves you the hassle of stocking up on supplies on your own and saves you the extra cost. They also know a lot more about eco-friendly products than you do and can clean up with those chemicals on request.

2. Dusting

The dusting, the terrible, terrible dusting. There isn’t a surface in your home that isn’t going to require the occasional sweep off the mop and microfibre cloths. Your books, shelves, television, blinds, windowsills, the list is practically endless. Just thinking about doing it can be exhausting and you might just lose all your strength to even contemplate the next steps of the cleaning process.

If you have any kind of respiratory disease, dusting can also pose as a health hazard. All the germs in the air in your immediate vicinity isn’t good for you. It’s okay to let healthier people do the work, especially in this situation.

3. The Baseboards

You can try skipping cleaning the baseboards for a long time, until you absolutely have to, except when you finally get on it, it has been marked by dust and grime. Cleaning baseboards isn’t an easy task by any means either. You need clothes, cleaning solution and most certainly being on your hands and knees not to mention the time it will take to get them clean. In this situation, if you can just let someone else take over for you, why wouldn’t you?

4. The Bathroom

Anyone that knows anything about cleaning will tell you your toilet deserves a scrub at least once every week. Your shower can go with a two weeks gap but that’s about it. Just thinking about cleaning the toilet seat brings up feelings of disgust. And it’s just not the toilet seats and shower, there’s the counter, floor, mirrors. Even with a professional helping you, you are going to need to do some cleaning anyway. Why not decrease the load a little?

5. Doorknobs, handles, switches

You will be surprised to find out the place that gathers the most germs in your house is actually your doorknobs, handles and switches. Yet, in all these years, how many times have you cleaned them? Do you even recall they exist while cleaning? Well, a professional cleaner always does and so, you can simply trust them to take care of the most germ infested yet delicate part of your household.

6. The dirty floor

When you are cleaning your floor, it’s not just about sweeping and mopping. You have to remove all the furnitures out of the way, take care of the rugs and free the floor of any toys and other accessories lying around first. In short, it’s going to take hours, a lot of labor, and a lot of thorough cleaning. Plus, it’s not something you can do once in a month. You need to do it twice or at least once a week or if possible, with the amount of dirt that accumulates, every day. You most certainly will benefit from having a cleaner in this situation.

7. They do your job better than you

In the end, this is the absolute truth. A professional knows way more about cleaning your house than you do, what with them being a professional. No matter how much time and effort you put into cleaning your house, they will always be one step ahead of you. Maybe it’s okay to let someone else do it when you know the end product will be of top-notch quality.

8. A New Appreciation

After a long, tiring day at work, imagine coming to your home and finding everything spotless and shining. You will actually like coming back home instead of thinking about how much cleaning you have to do once you get back.

9. You’re Busy

Isn’t this the root of all your problems? You might have too much going on at work or have other family related issues you just don’t have the time to deal with anything household related. Well, at least someone can take over for you in those times.

10. The Extra Time

Maybe you have wanted to join a dance class for ages, or want to learn how to play hockey now. If only,  you had the time. Well, you most certainly will have ample time on your hands if the cleaning part of your daily routine is taken care of.

Convinced yet? Well, you probably were from the start and just needed someone to tell you that it definitely makes sense to hire a cleaning service. Now that you know what to do, it’s time to ask a professional cleaning service, preferably ours, to do the cleaning for you. At SwiftClean, we are available all year round and just waiting for you to give us a call!

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