10 Surprising Uses For Your Vacuum Cleaner

10 Surprising Uses For Your Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are a useful addition to any home. Of course, most people will just think of them as a great way of making sure that your floors and sofas are free of dust, crumbs, and pet hairs. But this common household appliance has a few other neat and surprising uses up its hose. Here are the top 10 surprising uses for your vacuum cleaner.

For Grooming Your Pets

If you have a furry friend who molts a lot, you will no doubt get quite tired of vacuuming up their fur from the floor of your home nearly every day. Instead, you might want to consider using the vacuum cleaner to groom your pets

Make sure that you use an attachment that doesn’t pull at the animal’s fur or skin, and only do it on a pet that is comfortable with you doing it. Some pets love the sensation, but others may not be too happy with it.

Finding Small Items That You May Have Lost

If you have lost something small and important on your carpet or sofa and you just can’t seem to see where it has gone, use a bagless vacuum cleaner to try and find it. Make sure the vacuum is empty before you start, then vacuum in the area that you think that you dropped the tiny item. After you are satisfied that you have covered the entire area, empty the vacuum cleaner out onto a piece of paper and gently sift through the dust until you find the missing item.

A less messy alternative way of doing this is to take a pair of old tights and use them to cover the end of your pipe. Hold them tight in place using an elastic band, and then vacuum the general area until your chosen item gets stuck to the tights. 

Cleaning Your Air Conditioning Vents

Air conditioning vents can suck up a whole lot of dust and debris. So much so that it can reduce their effectiveness. To get some cool air circulating back in your home, take the grill and filter or your air conditioning down and give them a good clean with your vacuum cleaner. 

Condensing Items For Storage

If you are packing up your possessions ready for a move, or you are just wanting to make some additional space in your storage areas, it is possible to compress clothes and spare bedding items using vacuum pack bags. Simply fill the bag, attach the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner to the attachment on the bag and let the cleaner suck all of the air out of your items. You’ll be left with a bag that is a fraction of the size that it was.

Cleaning Your Children’s Soft Toys

Kids often have so many soft toys that some of the ones that are the least cuddled end up gathering dust. Giving them a quick clean with the vacuum cleaner will ensure that when your child wants to play with them, they are not dusty.

Inflate An Air Mattress

A quick and easy solution to the age-old problem of inflating an air mattress quickly is to remove the bag from a vacuum and attach the nozzle where the bag was, and attach the other end of the nozzle to the mattress and let it blow. You’ll have the bed made in a fraction of the time.

Clean The Vent Of Your Tumble Dryer

Lint can be very problematic if it is allowed to build-up in your tumble dryer, it can even be a fire hazard. To prevent lint from building up in your tumble dryer, give it a good cleaning out using a vacuum cleaner.  

Fix Furniture Dents In Your Carpet

When a heavy piece of furniture such as a sofa has been sat on a carpet for a long time, it can leave some unsightly dents. If the home is rented and the carpet is not yours, or even if you are just moving your furniture around, you might be worried about these furniture dents ruining the floor. A quick and easy solution is to leave an ice cube to melt on the dent and then suck up the water using your vacuum cleaner. 

Clean Kitchen Appliances

We may vacuum the floor of the kitchen often, but how often do we pay attention to other areas that we could be vacuuming in the kitchen? There are lots of appliances in the kitchen that would benefit from being cleaned by a vacuum cleaner. Often, tiny crumbs of food will end up collecting around your cooker, and these can be difficult to wipe away with a cloth, particularly down hard to reach vents.

Crumbs inside a toaster can be very annoying. They can build-up over time and cling to everything, and even burn. Getting them out can be a hassle, but using a vacuum cleaner can make the job much easier.

The back of your refrigerator can really gather dust and grime. Sure, you might not ever see it, but it’s still there. Spin your fridge around every once in a while, and vacuum the back of it. 

Clean Your Books

A bookcase can really add character to a room, especially if you have lots of classic-looking vintage books. But old books need not be dusty. Keeping your books clean is important as it can be a breeding ground for allergens. While the shelves can be cleaned and dusted using polish and cloth, books are a bit more of a challenge.

Take each book off the shelf one-by-one and run the hose along the edges of the pages. Make sure you do this carefully so that you don’t tear the pages. You may want to consider using a smaller handheld model or a brush attachment on your regular vacuum cleaner. 

If you’d prefer to see a vacuum cleaner being used in a more conventional manner, you can hire the services of SwiftClean to come and clean your home. Get in touch today to book your professional cleaner.

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