The History Of Maids

The History Of Maids

We all know of professional cleaning services. We know of the maids that work under them and while you might not have hired them, someone you know most certainly has and you have seen the hard work they put to make your house spic and span. Where did this practice of hiring maids begin? When did a group of hardworking women begin to help with our domestic needs and when did we start realizing it? Let’s have a look at the history of maids in the U.S. today.

You might find it a little short on the exact details, as things like this tend to get muddled and changed over time and the tales get twisted. However, it can’t be denied that maid services have existed as long as civilization has. When one household would become rich, or at least have some amount of wealth to spare beyond their necessities and other kinds of luxuries, they would hire someone else to do the extra work for them. Typically, it would be women who were less fortunate on the money front and need another source of income to get their family going.

If we look way back in time, we will find that maids and housekeepers were almost always women. They were also more likely to be immigrants than people born and brought up in the U.S. These people had to leave their homes for various reasons and needed a footing to get started on in a competitive economy. Providing help with cleaning services was the easiest to get back then. This was due to the result of their immigration.

They could not get jobs as employees or get even any kind of protection or benefits as citizens of the U.S. In fact, they were not even considered as citizens entirely until the late 1800s, which only happened when these people revolted against the unfair treatment towards them. Even then, their work hours were long, they had to do lots of hard work to get any amount of praise, and again, were excluded from any kind of guarantee by the government.

Back in 1870, the result of the census came out and no one was exactly surprised to find out that almost 52 percent of women who were employees were working as domestic help. That was quite a large percentage over any other kind of jobs. The Bureau of Labour Statistics has an interesting sorting method wherein they kept track of different sectors and then further divides it based on gender. 146 years later, that is in 2016, the percentage of women working in cleaning service was still large, along with nursing care, beauty salon, and child care jobs.

What brought about this change? This practice continued for a long time actually, until the two world wars. It’s at this point that there was a shortage in labour service, which led to a decline in this practice. Men went to war while the factory jobs that were done by them was taken over by the women in their family. As a result, the household helps decreased in percentage and the wealthy people who were enjoying the services until now had to take over their household chores by themselves.

On that note, let’s talk about the social value of a clean home. Scientists and socialists have begun to discover that an organized and clean household automatically contributes towards a better mental state. Some research also suggests that making your bed every morning helps you sleep better. People who live among a disorganized and cluttered mess are also more prone to fall into the cycle of depression. Indiana University’s study found that people with clean homes were much more active and healthier.

Traditionally, the job of housekeeping and child rearing have always fallen on women. It doesn’t matter if they do it themselves or hire nannies and help, it still ends up being under a woman’s jurisdiction. It took a long time for the people’s mentality to change, and even by the late 1900s, the pressure still fell on the women to do jobs, take care of the children and still manage cleaning their homes.

By the 20th century, slowly but surely things started changed a lot. Especially with the advance of science and technology, things like dishwasher, dryer, vacuum cleaner came into existence to make peoples jobs easier and faster. However, even with all these machines, it only saved a few hours at most. Men have started doing household chores too, which certainly help ease the burden a little, however, the brunt of it still falls on the shoulder of the women.

This is what led to the rise of companies like ours, SwiftClean. Much like the maids of the 18th century, the maids tied with our company take care of your house with the same vigor and hard work. Except, they exist in a fairer society with better pay and a choice of their own to do cleaning service than as a result of lack of finance. They are known as the best maids in the Los Angeles area and it is due to their care towards our customers that we have become one of the top rated professional cleaning services in Southern California.

These maids work all year round and are available for daily, weekly, bi weekly, or even monthly clean up. They help with housework in their own home and yours and still do a wonderful job, because that is simply how amazing the professionalism of our maids are. If you have been wondering whether to hire a professional cleaning service for a while now, we are sure after taking a look at their history, you have developed a newfound respect for them and understand why they are important and how they could help. Now, all you need to do is visit our booking page for an instant quote!

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