How To Organize Your Living Room

How To Organize Your Living Room

Your home is a temple of relaxation. A place where you can shut out the stresses and strains of the outside world and well and truly be yourself. In an era where we all seem to be working longer and harder than ever, the home should be a refuge where we can relax in peace. The living room in particular should be conducive to happiness, relaxation and making memories with the people closest to you. But the very business of living can make the living room a less relaxing place to spend your free time. As time goes by we accumulate more and more belongings and make little messes that, while no big deal on their own, can add up over time and introduce a chaotic element to your living room.

Disorganization can be visually distracting and detract from the carefully planned aesthetic of your living space. It can actually cause you more stress in a time and place where you should be at your happiest and most serene. But fear not, with a handful of useful hacks you can keep your living room organized, calm and beautiful without a huge investment of your time and effort…

Keep flat surfaces free of clutter

Whether your home has a minimalist aesthetic or not, empty space is a valuable commodity in the living room. It adds a sense of calm to your space and ensures that the eye is drawn to all the right places in your living room.

The trouble is that we human beings see a flat surface and… we just can’t help filling it with stuff! The trouble is that it doesn’t take long for our living space to start to look cluttered. And clutter can have a surprisingly detrimental effect on your mental health. Instead of placing all your possessions on display, consider investing in smart storage options like footrests, boxes and cabinets to give your living room the gift of space.

If your belongings ever get too much for your storage infrastructure, you may need to face the fact that you simply have too much stuff and to consider donating some of your belongings to a favorite charity.

Use low storage options to maximize wallspace

Speaking of storage options, while open shelves and cabinets can be a great showcase for your prized first editions or collectible plates, these can also get very cluttered, very quickly so be sure to display only a few carefully chosen statement pieces in any given space. Moreover, be wary of giving too much of your wall space to shelves and bookcases. These can quickly make your living space look smaller, especially if you live in an apartment or have a living room with slanted walls.

Instead of using wall-hogging cabinets, choose lower storage options to free up some of your bare wall. You may be surprised by how much bigger and calmer it makes your living room look. 

Never underestimate a well placed wastebasket

When you’re getting the family together for a movie night in front of the TV, it’s all too easy for empty soda cans to proliferate on flat surfaces and for potato chip packets and candy bar wrappers to litter your floorspace. Rather than pause the movie every time a member of your family wants to throw out something in the recycling or garbage, why not make sure they have access to a wastebasket in the same room where litter can be stored discreetly. 

Tame your cables

Consumer electronics now play a pretty big part in virtually every household. And this can result in the average house becoming home to a serpentine tangle of electrical cables. Not only can these be distracting, they can also be hazardous. Invest in a cable tidy to tame your cables and lend your living space a neater and more organized feel. 

Keep your living space clean

Finally, even a carefully managed and beautifully organized living space can look messy and chaotic if it isn’t kept clean. A sprinkling of cookie crumbs can add an element of chaos to the tidiest floor. A veneer of dust can mire even the most perfectly arranged bookcase. A murky trail on the carpet where feet have gone to and fro time after time can detract from the neat and tidy aesthetic you’re trying to create. 

It’s not always easy to keep the house clean and tidy on your own… so there may be times when you need to call in the pros. Hire SwiftClean to hook you up with a fully experienced and vetted cleaning professional to help you get the most out of your living space. 

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