How To Organize Your Kitchen (9 Awesome Tips)

How To Organize Your Kitchen (9 Awesome Tips)

Do you hate being in your kitchen? Of course, you could blame it on your dislike for cooking, but could it be because your kitchen is simply too cluttered? This is something that a lot of people experience. After all, there are many different things that are placed in the kitchen, from pots and pans to appliances, cookware, cutlery, and much more. It can feel like you don’t have enough space for all of the things you need, and this is when things start to spiral out of control. Keeping that in mind, read on to discover the golden rules you need to follow for a de-cluttered kitchen

  • Always leave the kitchen better than you found it – There is only one place to start, and this is the most important rule of them all. Leaving your kitchen better off than it was when you walked in will ensure that it remains clutter-free. This will also make your life a lot easier, as you will find it much easier to keep on top of cleaning your kitchen.
  • Let yourself have one messy drawer – This may seem like a bad idea. After all, you’re meant to be getting rid of clutter, right? However, there are some things that simply do not seem to have a place, especially in the kitchen. This is why having a messy drawer works well. If you don’t know where to house something, put it in the drawer! This will ensure that the rest of your kitchen remains clean and clear as well, as any clutter will be confined to one drawer, rather than being all over the kitchen.
  • Choose your appliances with care – One of the reasons why kitchens end up so cluttered is because people end up with loads of different appliances they don’t need. Or, they end up with appliances they quite frankly don’t like, which are simply taking up space, when they should be replaced instead. Arguably, your appliances are the most important things in your kitchen, so it’s important to get rid of anything old, unused, or broken. Before buying any new appliances, take the time to research them online to ensure you don’t make the same mistake again and buy an appliance that isn’t right for you or one that is of a low quality. If you search for an electric kettle made in USA online, you are bound to find plenty of options, and there will be reviews from prior customers. Take the time to read these, as they can be very useful and give you a good understanding of the quality and features of the kettle.
  • Don’t put it down, put it away – This is another rule that you need to follow if you are going to achieve a clutter-free kitchen. This philosophy is that everything should have its own place in your home. So, if you have cleaned some dishes, don’t leave them on the drying rack, put them away. If you have left a coat across the back of one of your dining chairs, pick it up and put it in its proper place.
  • One in, one out – This is another golden rule that will help you to keep a clutter-free kitchen for a lifetime. Think about: you have cleaned your kitchen, and it is completely clutter-free. However, if you buy new things and add them to your kitchen, maintaining this cleanliness and lack of clutter will be incredibly difficult. This is why you need to follow the one in, one out rule. Whenever you bring something new into your kitchen, something else needs to be taken out. By doing this, you can ensure there is a good balance, and that stuff does not begin to take over again.
  • Keep your countertops clear – There is one place that clutter begins, and this is at the countertop. If you have looked at images of clutter-free kitchens online, you will notice that the counters are always clear and clean. Resist the temptation to use the countertop as a place to drop off all of life’s miscellanea, such as dirty dishes, magazines, keys, and mail. By keeping your countertops clutter-free, you have already won half of the battle.
  • Get rid of the things you don’t use – You are bound to have plenty of things in your kitchen that you simply don’t use. Don’t hold onto these items on the off chance that you may use them one day. Egg poachers and pasta makers may seem nice on the surface, but if you don’t use these gadgets, sell them or donate them to someone else.
  • Make sure practicality comes first – One of the reasons why your kitchen may have ended up becoming cluttered in the first place may be because you have prioritized the pretty over the practical. One good example of this is decanting food. Yes, it can look great, but the issue is that you often have more rice or flour than what fits into the jar. This means that you then have to store the leftovers, so you’re effectively storing twice as much. Alternatively, you are simply throwing away food and, therefore, wasting money, which isn’t ideal either.
  • Focus on your storage – If you are not making the most of movable shelves, you could be wasting an awful lot of kitchen space. By using the layout most efficiently, you can actually add up to 50 per cent more storage space to a cupboard too. Now is a good time to look at your storage options and consider how to use them more effectively. You will be shocked by how much of a difference this can make.

Once your kitchen is clutter-free, you will be amazed by how much of a difference this makes. You will enjoy being in your kitchen more, and you will feel much more relaxed while you are in there. So, follow the golden rules that have been mentioned above, and you will achieve a de-cluttered kitchen, and you will make sure that it stays this way.

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