How To Organize Your Closet (8 Awesome Tips)

How To Organize Your Closet (8 Awesome Tips)

If you’re not careful, your closet can turn into a disaster zone – just a pile of clothes and boots carelessly dumped one on top of another. You resolve to keep it tidy, but for some reason, it always gets the better of you, and you end up in the same situation time and time again.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at how to organize your closet for the long-term. Here you can grab techniques that’ll keep it looking picture-perfect, day in, day out.

Take a look at the following strategies:

Use The “One In, One Out” Technique

Your closet isn’t a mess by chance. Instead, it’s related directly to your shopping habits. If you’re forever growing your collection of jackets and boots, then it gradually becomes fuller over time, eventually exceeding the capacity of the closet. 

Most experts recommend using the one in, one out strategy. Here you just take out one item of clothing for every new garment you buy. It sounds pretty ruthless, but it doesn’t have to be. Most people who practice this policy have another location, like a box under the bed, where they can put clothes into long-term storage. 

Put Scarves On Hangers Too

Some people try to roll scarves and stuff them in drawers alongside their socks and underwear, but it never really works. Scarves are, after all, just giant pieces of material that want to unfurl and flow out all over the place.

Expert closet organizers have found that the best way to manage them is to hang them up on a hanger, just like shirts, blouses, and blazers. Unless you have a giant scarf collection, you can usually fit all of them on a single hangar that you place at the side of the closer or the inside door, helping to keep your bedroom organized.

Categorize Your Clothing

While it might seem obvious, it is still worth repeating: where possible, store like items with like. Put your socks with your other socks. Store your shoes together on a rack. Put your blouses and jackets together on a rack — hats on top of each other in a stack or neatly tidied away in a box. 

Stack All Thick Items

Many people try to stuff bulky winter items in their drawers, but this inevitably takes up space and means that they cannot access the rest of their clothing easily. Big jumpers and denim seem to dominate. 

These items, however, are perfect candidates for stacking. Their thick, bulky nature means that they won’t crimple or sag when stored on the shelf. 

Roll All Your T-Shirts And Workout Clothes And Put Them In Storage Boxes In Your Drawers

Keeping dozens of t-shirts and workout clothes neat and tidy loose in your drawers can be a challenge. These garments tend to unfurl and wind up in a big mess, no matter how careful you are. 

Here’s an idea. Instead of storing them loose, partition your drawers into a series of boxes. Then roll your garments and stuff them in vertically, one beside the other. This way, you’ll never need to worry about sliding again.

Coordinate Your Hangers

Coordinating your hangers might sound like a minor intervention – and it is – but it can make a big difference to how your closet feels when you open it. With matching hangers, you can present all your clothes in the same way. 

Get Rid Of Clothes You No Longer Wear

Clothes you no longer wear are the number one reason you have a messy closet. They take up space and prevent you from organizing the apparel that you do use regularly. 

Start going through your clothes, one type of clothing at a time. Start with your jackets and then make your way to your skirts, shoes, blouses, tops, outerwear, and accessories. Create two piles of each type of garment: one you’ll keep in the closet and one you’ll store somewhere else or chuck out. 

Design Your Closet Space And Stick With Your Plan

A closet shouldn’t just be a big hole in your bedroom wall where you throw stuff you’ve just washed in the laundry; it should be a highly organized space, like a pantry, with different areas for all your favorite clothes. 

When organizing the space, start from the bottom upwards. First, get some shoe racks. These will help prevent the floor of the closet turning into a pile of boots and pumps. Then fit a combination of hanger rails and shelves above. Use all of the space available, even if it means that you occasionally need a step ladder to access everything at the top.

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