How To Keep Your Home Clean When You Work Full-Time

How To Keep Your Home Clean When You Work Full-Time

It’s never easy combining two things or roles but that’s often the life of a full-time worker. Factor in kids and a boss who’s ever demanding and you know you’ve got much on your hands. Be that as it is, you can get things done to keep your home clean with a pristine look. You’ll have your friends thinking you’re some sort of superhero with your efforts and what’s more, you’ll have time for your job.

There are ways to help you keep your home clean and they’re not as hard as you imagine. All it takes is a bit of commitment to plans, routines and using all the help you can get. To that extent, take note of these points…

Draw Up A Working Plan/Organize

With a total emphasis on planning, of course. Chief amongst ways with which to keep your home clean when you work full-time is a working plan. Without one, you’d probably burn hot and cold and finally, not at all because things would be done based on hunches. Also, plans keep you and your schedule organized with surprisingly freed-up spaces you can use to clean. Again, you can set up minutes (yes! Minutes) in some days to carry out specific tasks.

The key to doing such tasks in allocated days is keeping things simple with an emphasis on being efficient. For instance, you can put aside 10 minutes every Friday on your planner to do some surface clean up. It’s okay to take a cue from the best home cleaners to create that ideal plan.

Bits And Pieces Go A Long Way

It’s a fact that small drops of water make a mighty ocean and it’s typically the same with cleaning your home. You can get a lot done simply by doing them in bits and pieces. Further, you can’t keep waiting to have a world of time before carrying out important chores. That’s a disaster waiting to happen because dirt would have accumulated to a ‘tough’ level and you don’t have the energy to do everything appropriately. In light of that, it’s better to do some chores on certain days or clean specific areas of your home. For example, you could set a day aside to focus on cleaning each room or living space. Difficult areas such as kitchens and bathrooms can fall on weekends where you’d have a bit more time to clean.

Delegate To Or Hire A Cleaning Service

A personal favorite for many, you can understand why. Most times, there simply isn’t enough time to do any form of cleaning, whether it’s thorough cleaning or bits and pieces. Enlisting the help of a cleaning service goes a long way to save your energy and let’s face it, they’ll do a better job ensuring your home is clean. Also, they can deep-clean certain areas of your home like bathrooms, kitchens, garage, and thick rugs. As professional cleaners, the jobs they carry out on your home can serve as templates for you to follow. Your subsequent efforts at cleaning will not be too tasking because the effect of their work lasts a while. Again, with a good cleaning service, you can have a bit of a breather to rest and relax. It’s also an opportunity to focus more on that career you love.

Always Keep Things Where They Belong Or Create Space

Heard of a cluttered home? That’s what you get when everything is basically everywhere. Without a clear arrangement of things and items such as toys, books, gadgets and old stuff, you’re in for one big mess. You’d soon be needing a guide to navigate your own home! To avoid this, create storage areas where you can put items that fall into the same class. That’s not the end though, pick things up when they’re out of place or let the kids return toys to the appropriate place when they’re done playing. Books should be returned to shelves and gadgets should be kept out of harm’s way. Leaving them over time will take over spaces and you’d have more to do; which is what you’re trying to avoid. Again, old items should be boxed, organized in the garage or done away with especially if you have no need or use for them.

Get Your Family To Chip In

Getting your family to help when you work full time could potentially solve all your cleaning issues, nevermind your time, resources and energy. Handling the burden alone may be a tad too far for you particularly if you don’t live alone. Further, you kids could learn a thing or two with very simple chores like cleaning and arranging their toys and making their own beds. Your spouse can help with chores like laundry, taking out the trash etc. This way, everyone gets to chip in and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after them. Again, it makes everyone responsible and happy to be part of the process of keeping the home clean. That means more time to focus on your full-time job knowing the home front is taken care of.

Get A Grip Of Time-Saving And Effective Cleaning Hacks

Hacks for cleaning are more than shortcuts, they’re valid ways to get things done properly in little to no time. You can instigate a ‘no wearing of shoes indoor policy’ which means you’ll spend less time going over your floor and thick rugs. Lemons go with just about anything, from helping to sanitize your garbage, to getting tough stains off your faucets and cleaning surfaces optimally when mixed with vinegar. Further, doing your laundry and dishes on time may not sound like hacks but it sure helps beat accumulation. Also, there are tons of things baking powder can do such as give your sofa a polished look and remove oil stains from your floors. Kids are kids and sometimes they leave stains inadvertently. You won’t have a hard time cleaning those with baking powder and other cleaning hacks.

In conclusion, a clean home is a joy to come home to after a long day at work. While it’s not an obsession, it’s at least a safety requirement for you and your family because a clean home is often a healthy one free from germs and allergy spikers. Should you need help, (who doesn’t?) enlist the professional expertise and experience of a team like SwiftClean to help keep your home looking clean and smiling nicely all year long.

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