How to Increase Your Home’s Property Value By Cleaning

Are you looking to increase your home’s property value without getting into any big DIY projects? You can simply just get some cleaning done, and your house will be that much more valuable on the market. 

Keep on reading to find out some tips about how to put a little extra effort into cleaning and help increase home value. 

Clean Up Outside

Increasing your curb appeal is just as important as making your house spotless on the inside. No matter how good your house looks indoors, no buyers will want to take a look if the outside looks like it has been neglected.

Clean up any bushes or trees with errant branches, and make sure the grass is properly mowed. Also, repair any cracks in the driveway and walkways, killing any weeds that have popped up out of there as well.

Power washing the outside of your house will also give your property an instant facelift. If you have a lighter colored house (in particular white) this is especially important. 

You can rent power washers at many home improvement stores for a reasonable price. This by no means is a task that needs to be done all that often and it will greatly help your home’s property value.

Make Sure The Floors Are Spotless

Cleaning up dust, scratches, and stains on your floors is necessary to make your home more valuable. If you have hardwood floors, this can be as simple as giving it a quick sweep or filling in whatever scratches are there.

If you have a carpet floor, it is a great idea to use a carpet cleaner machine or carpet cleaning service. If you have any stains, this is especially important, as a carpet cleaner may be your only viable option to get out certain stains. 

If your floor won’t be damaged by water, using a mop to clean is one of the best ways you can make a floor look as good as new. Some basements and bathrooms have tile floors that can collect dust and giving it a good mop is sometimes all you need to make them as clean as when they were first installed.

Organize The Closets

Unless you have nothing inside of your closets, cleaning up clutter will make them look larger and can be a great selling point for your home. This includes hanging up coats and shirts and clearing out any unnecessary items that are taking up space.

Potential home buyers want to know what they’re getting themselves into. This means they will turn on every faucet, flip every light switch, and open every door.  

If your closet is cluttered it will not only seem smaller, but dirtier as well, and this is a huge turn off for home buyers that will sneakily decrease your home’s value.

A good rule of thumb is that, if you can see the floor of your closet space, it is probably good enough to show off to potential home buyers. So try to keep shoes in a basket or on a shelf to keep things as tidy as possible.


Increasing your home’s property value does not have to consist of a ton of DIY projects that could involve a ton of monetary investment and labor.

Simply putting in a good bit more work in cleaning up around the house can make your home look that much better to the eyes of potential buyers. 

Start by cleaning up the outside to get your curb appeal up, then get the floors dealt with, and finally keep all your rooms organized. If your home is in top shape, you should have no problem showing it off, and selling it will turn from a huge stress to an easy breeze.

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