How To Clean Your Bedroom (7 Simple Steps)

How To Clean Your Bedroom (7 Simple Steps)

Your home needs to be a place where it’s kept clean and tidy at all times. It’s important to help keep you happy and content no matter what type of day you’ve had outside of the home. The bedroom is one such place that needs to be a calming and peaceful environment for you to enjoy, so here are a few tips to help keep your bedroom clean.

Don’t Leave Clothes Lying Around

Clothes lying around your bedroom is probably the common cause of your bedroom looking untidy, and it’s really just down to laziness. Don’t worry, we all do it at times where we’re too tired after a long day of work and hanging up your clothes seems like the most strenuous thing in the world to do at the time.

The problem is though that after a few days of doing that, you’ve got clothes all over the bedroom and it can feel messy. Try to at least fold up clothes on a chair if you don’t want to hang them up and keep them all in one section of the room, ideally on a chair so that they’re out of view.

That way, at the end of the week or whenever you feel up to it, you can hang the clothes back up or pop them with the ironing to iron out any creases to save from washing again. 

Do A Seasonal Declutter

Whether you live in a freezing cold climate like trendy Lincoln Park in Chicago, or somewhere warm like sunny Los Angeles, a seasonal declutter can be helpful when it comes to getting rid of the unwanted stuff around the home. As individuals, we can end up bringing a lot of clutter into the home on a weekly basis, and when you’ve got multiple people in your household, a mess can certainly build up over time.

With that being said, try to do a seasonal declutter where you can and make sure your bedroom gets sorted out too. Doing everything from your makeup to the clothes in your wardrobe, any side tables or drawers that tend to harbour a lot of clutter that just gets thrown in there when you’re tidying up.

The more you declutter, the less space that gets taken up and you’ll suddenly find that you have a lot more space to work with as a result.

Replace Bedding At The End Of Every Week

Your bedding can contain a lot of bacteria and dirt that builds up every night you sleep in it. And to allow that bacteria to linger in the sheets can cause that dirt to get clogged up in the skin, especially when it comes to pillowcases and the appearance of your face.

You should be changing your bedding once a week to ensure that your bed is a clean and healthy space for you to rest peacefully in. There’s nothing like having clean bedding on for the first time, and it can be very beneficial for relaxing your mind and body. So keep up with the change of your bed sheets where you can.

Dust All Surfaces

Your surfaces are certainly areas where a lot of dust and dirt can collect. You want to try and make sure to keep on top of this where you can.

Microfibre cloths and materials are great in helping to pick up dust instead of letting it simply be thrown around the air to only then land back on the surface thirty seconds later.

Try to keep your surfaces fairly clear of clutter because that can help reduce the amount of dust that collects on these surfaces. Alternatively, you can use a damp cloth to help pick up the dust and to remove stubborn marks that tend to form from various drink stains etc. 

Scented Candles Or Wax Burners For Fragrance

Appealing to your senses is essential when you’re cleaning your home. Smell is a big factor when you’re trying to appeal to those senses, and a foul or bad smell in your bedroom is not something that’s enjoyable.

Sprays can help provide a temporary fragrance, but you might want to think about using scented candles or wax burners to prolong the nice smells in your bedroom.

Wax burners will last for a while because they use tea lights and you can always use the wax a few times over before the scent eventually goes.

Scented candles are also a great way of having a few hours of fragrance. Try opting for candles that have a longer burn time as these will last longer.

Vacuum Daily Or Twice Weekly

Vacuuming is essential because a lot of dirt and debris can build up and get dragged into the bedroom on a daily basis. This is especially the case when it comes to carpets, and so it’s worth getting your vacuum out at the end of the day and doing a quick blitz around the room before going to bed.

When it comes to doing a deep clean, then it’s worth considering an odor eliminator that you can lay down onto the carpet, leave for a few minutes and then hoover up. For wood, it’s a good idea to have a product you can apply to the flooring and then wipe up with a mop to keep the floor clean and disinfected.

Wipe Down Blinds

Blinds can be a big harbourer of dirt and dust, but it’s one place that a lot of people tend to dismiss or ignore when it comes to cleaning the home. To help keep them in good condition, it’s worth giving them a quick dust down every week.

For plastic and wooden blinds, a damp cloth with washing up liquid and warm water can do the job. Ensure you’re taking down any blinds that are fabric and need to air dry after saturating.

Keeping your bedroom clean at all times is essential so follow these tips to ensure it stays tidy.

Whether it’s wiping down your blinds or throwing on some fresh sheets every week, it can help towards keeping a more tidy space that you’ll enjoy relaxing in.

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