How To Clean Wood Furniture

How To Clean Wood Furniture

There’s nothing quite as elegant and fancy looking as wood furniture. Even if your home is the epitome of modern architecture or looks like one from the 19th century, there’s always a design that fits anywhere. Its durable, timeless quality is the reason why people continue to opt for wood till date.

At the same time, it also requires some level of maintenance without which those shiny pieces of furniture would make your house look damp. There are certain tips you can follow, but many of these ultimately depend on the type of wood. 

1 . Dust it!

The basics of cleanliness entail regular dusting and sweeping. For an added polish, use a damp microfiber cloth that’s just wet enough to wash some of the grime away. Use another dry cloth to wipe again later. This way, you make sure water doesn’t stay on the furniture since drenched wood is never a good idea. If you can do this regularly, just a dry microfiber clothing will be enough.

2. The Soap Method!

This is for cases when your furniture has stains that are really hard to remove, like those left from a candle or any other sticky material. Dip a washcloth into dishwashing soap momentarily and first wipe a very small part of the furniture to check whether the chemical negatively affects that area.

If it doesn’t, then mix water and the dish soap together and soak it in a microfiber cloth. Apply the least amount of pressure on the section that’s wet and gummed. Don’t use excessive water as it may cause harm to the wood. After you’re done, make sure to wipe it again with a dry cloth so that it stays water free.

3. Mineral Spirit!

This is only meant for situations wherein the stain is too hard to get rid of. You can rely on mineral spirits in such cases. Make sure to test it out on a tiny corner of your furniture beforehand to confirm whether it’s safe. Once you have the answer, spray a little amount on a clean washcloth and apply it on the dirt.

As mentioned before, cleaning wood furniture can be quite a risky move. The outcome depends on the kind of wood it is, so you might as well end up using a solution that does more harm than good. A better option is to simply call us – SwiftClean. We’re a professional cleaning service in Los Angeles who can promise that your wooden decor gets a thorough wash. Our team of experts is knowledgeable on all kinds of cleaning techniques applicable to a variety of furnishings.

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