How To Clean Window Screens

How To Clean Window Screens

Your home needs as much sunlight as it can get and window screens are the perfect material for this. It also keeps insects and mosquitoes from entering inside. However, it is more prone to damage if it’s dirty. Regular cleaning costs less than replacing the entire screen. So you can follow a few simple methods to make sure your glass stays spotless and shiny. Of course, if all else fails, you can call us at SwiftClean, but we’ll get to that later.

1 . Weekly Cleaning!

Cut off the extra work right from the start. It’s quite easy to do regular, basic maintenance. Just dust your window screen with a duster or light cloth. If there’s any dirt and grime that you can’t remove with a duster, try using a lint roller.

Alternatively, you could rely on a vacuum cleaner. Attach a brush to a hand-vacuum and sweep lightly across the screen. Do it with care so as to not go too deep and accidentally scratch or stretch the glass. Focus on a small area first to make sure the suction isn’t too strong.

2. Clean Deeply and Thoroughly!

First, detach the screen from the window. Lay it on a flat, smooth surface without any sharp edges. Mix dishwashing liquid with water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Soak the screen completely in lukewarm water and spray the solution onto the glass until it becomes dripping wet. Wait for some time before rubbing out any extra dirt or grime with a tool brush. Use a sponge in case of the frame.

Again, spray water on it until all the liquid soap has been washed off and then gently shake the glass to remove any traces of water. Dry out its surface to make sure it is completely water-free before re-attaching it to the window. Also, give the frame and window sill a thorough cleanse. There’s no point if you clean the screen only to paste it on something dirty again.

3. Or Ask Us!

While weekly cleaning doesn’t require much work, deep cleaning is another beast. If your job or familial priorities keep you so busy that you can’t find the time for a thorough cleanse, it might be a good idea to leave the work to us. At SwiftClean, we promise to treat your home like it’s ours.  By hiring us, we assure that t your window looks as good as new at a modest price which is well worth it.

If you decide to trust us, feel free to visit our office. A comprehensive portfolio of services and a representative ready to chat at all times have made us the the #1 professional house cleaning service in Southern California. Drop us a call or email and get an attractive quote for all your needs. We even provide weekly and bi-weekly cleaning services!

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  1. Samantha Adams

    Great tips, really useful. I use a mix of vinegar and alcohol – does miracles for me.

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