How To Clean White Leather Couches

How To Clean White Leather Couches

White leather couches are a must for a professional yet comfortable look. Of course, the downside is that it can be quite expensive and if you’re paying a good amount of money for something, you deserve a lifetime of durability.

This is possible only if  you give it the proper care it requires. Stains and dirt on white leather couches are likely to appear, so you need to treat them with extra care. We have compiled some useful tricks to keep your couch clean and ready for guests. 

1 . Dust the Couch!

Before using any chemical based product, make sure to give the couch  a good sweep. Use a  hand-vacuum to remove any debris while paying special attention to the edges and creases. For extra measures, fix a brush tool to the vacuum. The soft pointer of the brush is least likely to scratch the couch.

2. Water and Soap!

First, heat up some water and then mix it with soap. Dip a clean washcloth or towel into it and focus on the stains on the couch. There are soaps available specifically for leather material (referred to as saddle soaps).

Small stains from food and oil are easily removed, but with ink stains you have to try harder. Cotton swabs and alcohol can also be used. First, immerse the swab in the alcohol and spread it on the sides of the stain. Direct application might have the opposite effect, so be careful.

3. Let it Dry!

This time, take out a clean, dry towel or cloth and run it thoroughly over the spots you have previously washed. Once finished, leave it to attract as much air as it can. Avoid using the couch for at least one night.

4. Even Couches Need Conditioning!

For this, you’re going to need two cups of white vinegar and 15 drops of lemon oil. Mix both the ingredients until they have successfully melted into one another. Immerse only a small patch of a clean towel into the solution and apply it with a circular motion all over the couch. Let it dry for another night.

While this homemade treatment is easy to make, you can also buy leather conditioners from the market. Read the label to understand the instructions. Make sure none of their ingredients contain olives, as this can result in long term damage to your sofa.

5. Or Go To A Professional!

Taking responsibility of your own house might seem like a good plan in theory, but carrying it out can be tough. You are constantly swapped with other duties and not enough time to spend on a white leather couch just to make sure it retains your money’s worth. Well, that’s what SwiftClean – a professional cleaning service – is for. We  are more than happy to assist you with leather seating as well as your entire living room.

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