How To Clean Wallpaper

How To Clean Wallpaper

Most of us forget our wallpaper exist until we suddenly have a child at home whose artistic inclinations always manifest near the wallpaper. Completely forgetting about the wallpaper isn’t exactly a good thing, as it tends to attract dust and dirt that doesn’t become obvious until one day you are faced with a wallpaper whose color is completely different from the original. The time you have to spend cleaning your wallpaper depends on its state. However, as long as you are willing to put in the effort, your wall can go back to looking bright and attractive like before.

1. What Kind of Wallpaper is it?

The first order of business before cleaning your wallpaper is to figure out what material it is made of. Certain materials aren’t suitable for cleaning with certain products, so you need to be cautious. Cleaning vinyl wallpaper is too easy while with plain paper wallpaper, you have to be careful so as to not get it wet.

2. Cleaning The Wallpaper

Mix about two tablespoons of clear dish soap with warm water in a bucket. It should be clear because colored detergents have a chance of sticking with the wallpaper and changing its color. Dip a soft rag or a sponge in the bucket and wring out any excess water. The sponge or rag should be just damp, not soaking.

Try dabbing on the surface near the baseboard of the wallpaper, and if there is no visible damage on the wallpaper, you can start wiping the surface with it. Make your way from the top to the bottom. Pay attention to each section separately and apply the sponge in a circular motion. Don’t use scrubbing pads as they are most certainly harmful to wallpapers. Also, don’t go overboard on the soap use. An excessive amount of it can actually dirty the wallpaper more.

Prepare a bucket full of cold water and dip a new rag into the it. Use the rag to rinse the wallpaper and follow the same pattern of cleaning as before. You won’t have any soap residue left on the wallpaper if you follow this method. Remember to wring out the excess water as you definitely don’t want your wallpaper to get wet. After you are done, grab a towel immediately and pat dry the wallpaper. In this way, You can soak out any moisture left behind.

3. Dusting the wallpaper

The most efficient and time-saving way of removing the dust from your wallpaper is to simply vacuum it. As you are going to want to reach the top corners of your walls, attach a brush extension to your vacuum. If your wall is too high,  you can step up on a ladder to do the job. The extension also prevents the vacuum from scratching the walls. Start from the top of the wall and pay special attention to each section separately. Brush the vacuum gently until the entire wall has been covered. You are allowed to use the vacuum on fabric wallpaper as long as you don’t rub it.

If you don’t have a vacuum, you can make do with a broom. Find a micro duster fiber clothing and wrap it over the broom. Start by swiping the wall horizontally from left to right or right to left. This way, you can reach every corner of your wall. Do the same thing vertically but make sure to only do it from top to bottom, as dust will only fall doubly on the wallpaper if you start from bottom to top. As dust can build up on the floor, you need to swipe it too.

4. Removing the stains

Grab a putty knife and scrape away the stains left from the crayons. If you see any loose bits, rip it off. Once done, place a paper towel over the stains. Then, press an iron on its lowest temperature and press it on top of the stain. Wait for some time until you see the residue colors from the crayons seep into the towels. Remove the towel, and you will find your wallpaper free of any stains.

For fingerprints, you need to find an art gum eraser. Rub the eraser over the fingerprints gently. It should be able to absorb the oil and dirt from the fingerprint naturally. In case you have vinyl wallpaper, you can simply rely on soap and warm water to wash the fingerprints. Create a mixture out of it and dip a cloth in it. Then dab the cloth over the stains to wash off the fingerprints.

However, the most surprising fact would be how you can simply use a piece of bread to remove the fingerprints. Take a piece and leave it over the stain for a minute. When you remove it, the fingerprint will be long gone. This is because the gluten in the bread absorbs the stain from the wallpaper.

The ultimate question is, do you actually have enough time to clean your wallpaper? Washing, dusting, removing the stains, all of it can take a chunk of your time away. There is also the added danger of applying the wrong solution to the wrong wallpaper type and further damaging it. If you aren’t sure of your ability, the smartest thing to do would be to leave the job to a professional cleaning service like ours. Our company, SwiftClean, has made quite a name for itself in the Southern California market, even being rated the number one cleaning agency.

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