How To Clean Vinyl Floors

How To Clean Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floor is cheap and feels great under your feet. Durable, good looking and  waterproofed, vinyl flooring is the perfect flooring solution for homes and apartments. However, not many people are aware of the perfect way to clean vinyl floors. These floorings tend to get easily dirty and marked up, so without proper cleaning, your vinyl floors will lose its shine over the years. You can work with professional cleaners like SwiftClean to help you out, but if not, you might want to try some of these methods first.

1 . Maintenance

Deep cleaning is good and all, but regular maintenance is needed for deep cleaning to have any effect at all. You will also find that if you take care of the floor regularly, you will have to dedicate less time towards deep cleaning. Actually, even the products you will have to use in this case will be less, so you can save up too. There are certain steps you need to follow for this.

Always make sure to place a doormat on the floor. It’s important for any kind of floor in general, but it’s even more of a requirement with vinyl floors. The substances that you pick up from the road, like dirt and gravels can cause serious damage to your floor. The presence of a doormat makes sure that at least some percentage of the dirt is kept away from your vinyl floor.

Another important daily activity is to sweep the floor everyday. We know it’s not always possible and some days are busier than others, but try to sweep the floor for 20 minutes daily with a broom. This way, when you get to actual cleaning, the presence of dirt and dust is way less.

Alternatively, you can vacuum your floor, but make sure you do it right. Usually, people avoid using a vacuum because it can leave behind scratches. However, if you remove the beater bar from your vacuum, your problem is solved. It’s is the beater bar that scratches the floor and so, as long as you remove it, no scratch or scuffs should happen. If your vacuum has a bare floor mode, set it to that. It’s the same as removing the beater bar in this case.

2. Abrasives

This is what you should not do. Abrasives are good for short term solution, but in the long run, it will lead to ruined flooring. Even some detergents are considered abrasive.  Detergents from the local market that are supposed to make your floors shine faster are certainly a big no-no. They can even have the opposite effect, making your floor look worn out and dull. So, steer away from such products.

3. Mopping

After you are done sweeping  or vacuuming, it’s time to mop. The first order of business here is to find the right cleaning product. While people tend to think expensive soaps from the supermarket with heavy chemicals in them is the way to go, more often than not, it causes more harm than good. It’s better to go with something simpler. Mopping with a bit of soap mixed with warm water will do wonders for your floor.

Spend time for a little bit of research.  Keep the kind of vinyl floor you have in mind. Is your vinyl floor wax or no-wax? You can’t use wax for a no-wax floor, obviously.

Also, keep more than one mop for the purpose of cleaning your vinyl floor. One for cleaning with soap and one for just rinsing the floor so no soap residue is left. And never, ever, use a steam mop or cleaner. They causes nothing but damage to your vinyl floor.

Along with this, avoid using an excessive amount of water, as it can seep through the cracks and damage the edges.

4. Some Extra Suggestions

These are some secret tips that you should know if you want to keep your vinyl floor in the best condition and that too without using any expensive products. Let’s start with Vinegar!

Vinegar is one of the most common multipurpose  household substances. It can be used to clean up pretty much anything. It has the same effect on vinyl floor. It has a light effect that keeps the floor fresh and the acid in it prevents it from leaving any residue.

Sometimes you might be confronted with scuff marks on your floor even after having followed all the steps mentioned above. You might have swept, cleaned and mopped the floor but some stubborn marks remain. The easiest way to get rid of them would be to use jojoba oil. Just rub them with a soft cloth and those scuff marks will disappear in a jiffy.

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