How To Clean Marble Floors In 4 Easy Steps

How To Clean Marble Floors In 4 Easy Steps

“People, places and everything else decay and ruins when not taken proper care of..” Yes, everything needs proper care to maintain its beauty and realness. So coming to the point, is your home made of marble and are you worried about cleaning the tough stains and dirt on it? If you are nodding in yes, then you are exactly at the right place. Here you’ll get to know about the methods and practices to keep your marble safe, clean and crystal clear.

As we all know, everyone now wants the best for themselves, isn’t it? And there is nothing more sophisticated than shining and glittering marble in your home. But, with more sophistication comes the urge to care more. And by that I do not mean that marble is not a good option, it surely is, just some maintenance and phew… it’s all glittery. 

Yes, marble needs daily maintenance, cleaning and care to keep up with its gleam and glow. Everything gets damaged if not taken proper care of or by using false products and chemicals. And as the marble is a soft stone, the chances of it getting damaged by using false and hard products are pretty high. 

So, before cleaning the marble floor you need to take proper care of the things that I mentioned above to protect it from roughness and colorlessness.

Moreover, to help you out more I have listed down some points that need to be considered if you wish to keep your marble brand new. Have a look at them below and keep your marble and yourself happy and shiny. 

1. Do not use harsh and tough cleaners – When taking care of marble, the choice of the cleaner matters the most. As marble is the most porous and soft substance, it needs to be taken care of delicately. You cannot use hard cleaners to clean it, otherwise it will lose its shine and realness. 

So, the first thing you need to do is to say no to the tough cleaners as marble is highly sensitive and soft stone and it reacts with acid highly. Spilling the lemon juice or cleaning the floor with anything acidic is like inviting a tragedy. Also, using those cleaners which contain acidic substances like vinegar will make your floor rough.

Corrosive cleaners like scrubbing powders, creams, powdered cleansers, tile and bathroom cleaner should also be strictly avoided. Also, any other stone cleaner should not be used as the texture of marble is soft compared to any other stone. So, use a type of cleanser which really cleanses your marble rather than scratching it even more. 

Also, to avoid scratches, use soft cotton clothes instead of using brushes. And the best option is to test before you use it. Yes, test the cleaner, cloth, brush whatever you are going to use on a small piece of marble. 

2. Deep clean your home once a month – Yes, deep clean your home at least once in a month. Time to time cleaning can help you maintain the shine and originality of your marble floor. As soon as you see the dust piling up in the corners and under the sofas, rush to bring your broom and mop. 

Also, there are certain things that need to be kept in mind like avoid using acidic cleaner and hard detergents. Instead, use a basic cleaner of normal pH level. In addition to this, try to use detergents and cleaners specifically designed for marbles. 

There is a proper procedure for cleaning the marble floor. First of all, make the floor wet with clean water. And to avoid spilling too much water, use a spray bottle or a mop. After making the floor wet, apply the cleaning solution as per the instruction manual. 

Then, after that, rinse all the solution with a clean cloth or a mop and make sure to change the water as it gets dirty every time the final step is to dry the marble floor using a dry cloth as some studies to say that, leaving the marble wet can make it stained and full of spots. 

3. Clean the stains and spills as soon as you witness them  Yes, you heard it right!! Clean stains as soon as you see them. Because if you procrastinate and think of doing it later, you will only make it harder for yourself only. So, if you spill something on the floor or if someone else spills something on the floor, rush to find a mop to clean it.

Cleaning it as you notice is best because it’ll be easy for you to clean the instant spill. Just put some water on that area, apply some cleansing agent and then mop it using a dry cloth and done! Your marble is yet again shiny and glittery. But if you’ll wait for it to harden, it’ll be hard for you too to clean it.

4. Keep watch on the dust and dirt As soon as you see dirt and dust on the marble floor, make sure to clean it as soon as possible. Because, if you will not clean it early then it will keep getting dirty and dusty. And I guess you don’t wish to add layers of dust in your house, isn’t it? 

So, take a clean, soft and fresh dry mop and remove all the dirt and dust to make it look clean. The best option is to dust and mop your home once a week and if you have a family of two, you can dust and mop more frequently like twice or thrice in a week. 

Make sure to keep a check on the more prone areas like window panes, below the beds and sofas, in the corners and other such areas where the chances of dust getting stuck is higher. Also, you can install a rag or mattress on the floor to protect it from dirt.

So, this is it! This was all about marble floors and how to clean them. I feel the weight of stress going down your head. I hope you are now aware of the do’s and don’ts on marble floors.  And I guess you all got your answers. Also, you are satisfied and happy with the tricks and techniques discussed in this blog to keep your marble floor safe and shiny. 

So why wait? Go ahead and remove the dirt and stains from your marble floor and make it look new again. And thank me later for providing you with these tricks and techniques. 

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