How To Clean Laminate Floors (5 Easy Steps)

How To Clean Laminate Floors (5 Easy Steps)

Laminate flooring can be a fantastic home addition. As well as providing a clean finish for any room, laminate installations have a lifespan of between 15-25 years depending on care – substantially more than even expensive carpets provide. And, to top it all, laminate installations are currently easier than ever, with many homeowners choosing to tackle them solo!

From the outside, you’d also assume that easier cleaning is a substantial benefit, what with less space for bacteria to hide and surfaces that you can wipe down rather than vacuum. Indeed, laminate floors have the potential to make for faster and easier cleaning along the way. But, before you can enjoy this particular benefit, you do need to get your head around one crucial thing – how to clean laminate floors for maximum efficiency at all times.

The fact is that, while generally easy to clean, laminate floors do take a little more specialist care than your standard carpet installation. At the very least, coatings and materials need care to avoid further damage. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide about how you can clean your laminate floor to keep it sparkling at all times. 

#1 – Act fast

Perhaps the main thing to note here is the need to act fast. In some ways, this is no different from cleaning with speed to avoid stains on a carpet, but that sense of urgency applies to any imaginable laminate mishap. Even something as seemingly innocent as a spilt cup of water could, after all, do significant damage to the appearance of your laminate. It could certainly wreak havoc with that coating which you rely on for flooring protection. Don’t let it happen by always making sure to tackle spills the moment they happen, or at least as soon as you notice them. 

#2 – Be sparing with your cleaning solutions

Too often, we approach any cleaning task with the attitude that more is more, but this simply isn’t the case when it comes to your laminate floor. Using too much of any cleaning solution can lead to significant issues that you’ll want to avoid at all costs. Even too much water could result in the warping or damage we touched on above. Instead, you should aim to use just a slightly damp cloth or mop to get rid of spillages.

And, that’s before you even get into the damage that more substantial cleaning products could cause when used in excess. When it comes down to it, heavy cleaners are often best avoided where possible, even if they are labeled as ‘laminate safe’. This is because there’s no telling the damage that such chemicals can do to your flooring. Even if you do opt to use such products, be sure to do so sparingly, and apply small amounts onto a cloth, rather than directly onto your laminate panels. 

#3 – Use household items where possible

One thing you can generally use to clean your laminate without worry is household items. Instead of reaching straight for extreme cleaners, then, always consider whether there’s a more natural remedy to get that floor sparkling again.

Luckily, once you start looking into this, you’ll find that there are a lot of natural cleaning solutions for even seemingly difficult laminate stains. While you may, again, want to be sparing with these, they are at least a better option for protecting your coatings and keeping your floor looking fantastic. Some of the most common natural laminate solutions include – 

  • A bag of ice to remove chewing gum, wax, etc.
  • Rubbing alcohol to remove paints/ink/etc. 
  • Equal parts vinegar and water for general cleaning
  • And more

As well as saving you a fortune, any of these solutions could well end up saving your laminate. 

#4 – Know what not to do

As much as you need to know how to clean laminate floors to the best of your abilities, it’s also vital that you grasp a few absolute laminate cleaning no-gos along the way. After all, the last thing you want is to cause real laminate damage when you’re dealing with a simple spillage. The hard and fast ‘no clean’ rules are few and far between, but some that you could likely benefit from considering include – 

  • Never use hard-bristle brushes
  • Never overuse water/cleaning products
  • Don’t use bleach in any circumstances
  • Never clean against manufacturer’s instructions
  • Steer clear of products that boast of a ‘protective shine’
  • Don’t use waxes or polishes

Avoiding these key pointers ensures that you never clean a stain only to leave significant damage in its wake. In cases of avoiding waxes, polishes, and the like, you also ensure that you don’t create harmful residues atop your existing laminate coating. 

#5 – Bring in professionals

Ultimately, cleaning laminate floors can be a much more complicated matter than many homeowners realize. While a comprehensive laminate clean is, undeniably, more straightforward to achieve than a total carpet rehaul, there’s no denying that this task brings some challenges. And, if you want to protect your laminate flooring for the 25+ lifespan we all know is possible, you may find that calling on a cleaning company that knows its stuff could prove best.

Whether you require regular laminate cleaning, or simply want a one-time clean of a significant laminate spill, our team at SwiftClean are on-hand to make it happen. With a focus on helping you create a happy home, our professional and vetted house cleaners all know a thing or two about getting laminate sparkling once more.

This is a service we offer alongside a 200% satisfaction guarantee and no hidden fees so that no nasty surprises are waiting while we get to work. It really doesn’t get better than that for laminate cleaning that finally puts your mind at ease.

Whether you’re dealing with a stubborn laminate stain or require ongoing cleaning services, let our team take care of the task for you by contacting us on (323) 435-0842 or booking online today.

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