How To Clean Brick

How To Clean Brick

You might not think it is important, but even the bricks in your house requires some attention. Cleaning it from time to time prevents it from corrosion. There are several methods you can employ to clean your bricks. We will discuss some of them in details. However, if you don’t have the time, you can always hire a professional cleaning service.

1. Cleaning the dust

First, begin by dusting your dirty brick with a scrub brush. This way, you can at least get rid of the surface level dust. If you own a vacuum cleaner, use the brush attachment to blow away any residue. Chances are you won’t be able to scrub away all of the dirt, but that’s okay. You can scrub away the rest of it  when you wash it.

2. Washing the brick

Grab a spray bottle and spray water all over the surface of the brick. A dry brick would absorb soap, which would only lead to further damage like discoloration, and it might even crumble with time. You need the brick to be wet if you are going to wash it.

Mix dish soap with salt and stir it together until you have a thick paste which can be spread on a wall. If you are cleaning a large number of bricks, mix the dish soap and salt in a bucket on a 1:1 ratio. Keep the mixture away from cleaning solvents such as chemicals, as it can have an adverse effect.

Dip a washcloth in the mixture and spread it all over the brick in equal proportion. The layer can be thick or thin, depending on how dirty the brick is. If it’s really dusty and grimy, you might want to opt for a thick paste. Let the paste sit on the brick for about 10 minutes or so before scrubbing it. While it sits, the paste will soften the dirt and debris.

For scrubbing, grab a scrub brush and apply it in a circular motion on the brick. For harsher stains, apply more pressure while scrubbing with the brush. Don’t use wire brushes while cleaning the bricks. If despite the scrubbing, there is still dirt left, try using acid to clean it off.

Once you are done, dip a clean towel in warm water and wipe any soap residue left on the brick walls. If the paste mixture stays on the brick, it can corrode over time and damage the walls. If you are doing the washing outside, you can use your garden hose to water the bricks. After you are done with the washing, dab the brick with a towel to dry it or leave it in a cool area so it can dry off from contact with the wind.

3. Pressure Wash The Bricks

Instead of going through the trouble of preparing solutions, you can buy a pressure washer online or from a departmental store. They can wash away the dirt stains quite quickly. While using a pressure washer, you need to be at least 12-18 inches away from the bricks. Turn on the power and spray on the surface of the bricks. Work your way from the bottom to the top so you can be assured you have coated the entire bricks wall. For really deep stains, you can apply the paste mixture first, and then wash it off with the pressure washer. After you have used the pressure washer, don’t forget to pat dry the surface of the brick with a towel.

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