How To Clean A Living Room

How To Clean A Living Room

As we approach the colder months of the year, our living rooms will transform into hidey-holes where we spend long, dark evenings in front of the fireplace. Now, therefore, is the perfect time of year to clean in preparation for winter hibernation.

We’re not just talking about a quick tidy up here or there, either: we’re talking about a deep, professional clean that you might expect from pro cleaning services. Here are some of the things you’ll want to do to get your living room looking spotless.

Clean Your Carpets And Rugs

Imagine how dirty your clothes would get if you wore the same items for a whole year. Now imagine how bad it would be if you put those same clothes down along major walkways in your home and never washed them. It would be carnage.

While this example might sound farcical, it is how most people treat their carpets and rugs. The fibers in their carpets and rugs collect vast amounts of dirt trudged in from outdoors and become more soiled over time. Eventually, the dirt can build up so much that the material loses its plushness altogether.

If you’re planning on cleaning your carpets and rugs, your best bet is to use professional cleaning services. The pros use special cleaning machines that force hot steam into the fibers, helping to lift dirt from the material naturally.

Clean Your Screens

Ideally, you’d like it if nobody ever touched your TV screen, leaving it grease mark-free. But, of course, that’s not what happens in the real world, especially if you have kids or dogs.

Cleaning your screens, fortunately, is easy. Specialist screen cleaner and lint-free cloths pair beautifully to remove all of those horrible finger (and paw) prints from your TV,  computer, and tablet. 

Spruce Up Your Lampshades

Like the other upholstery in your home, lampshades can become dirty over time, leaving them looking dull.

The good news, however, is that you can buy special lampshade cleaning sponges. All you need to do is dab the sponge over the shade, with the help of a suitable cleaning product, and watch the dirt lift right out. Often, after a quick clean, your shades look just like they did when they were new!

Wash Your Drapes

Drapes, just like other upholstery in your living room, are a magnet for dirt. Dust and other particles can make their way into the fabric and make it look stained and dull. The problem is even greater for drapes that hang all the way to the floor. 

While not all drapes are washable, most are. Pop them in the wash according to the manufacturer’s settings and let the machine do the hard work for you. Once the cycle is complete, they should emerge clean and vibrant, ready to serve you well through the winter season.

Clean Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are one of the most neglected parts of the living room. Dust often builds up into a thick layer on top of the blades – something that could ultimately affect the operation of the unit.

If you have a step ladder, set it up underneath the ceiling fan and use a feather duster to remove any particles on the surfaces of the blades. 

If the ceiling fan is particularly dirty, then you may want to use something like Murphy’s Oil Soap. Remember always to switch the power off and remove any components of the fan from the central unit before washing them with water. 

Dust Down The Ceiling And Coving

Your ceiling, coving and, if you have it, crown molding, can all be a magnet for dust and cobwebs. As with ceiling fans, these parts of the living room are often neglected in regular clean-ups, allowing dust to accumulate without interruption. 

Again, use a feature duster and vacuum up afterward. If you notice a particularly dirty spot (perhaps some food is inexplicably splattered up there), then you may also want to spot wash. 

Give All Your Fixtures And Fittings A Once-Over

Door knobs, the buttons on your fireplace, TV remotes, light switches, and plug sockets all attract vast numbers of bacteria. Switch off the power in your living room and then wipe them down with neutral-scented alcohol cleaning wipes to remove any nasty microorganisms. 

Vacuum Your Couches

Your couch is, unfortunately, just as much of a magnet for dust as your living room carpet. It helps, therefore, to vacuum it regularly using the hand attachments on your unit. Periodic cleaning will help your couch last longer.

If this sounds like a lot to handle, consider giving us a call to professionally clean your living room as well as your home. At SwiftClean, we work with the best housekeepers in Southern California. We’ll leave your home sparkling clean like never before.

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