How To Clean A Kitchen

How To Clean A Kitchen

Keeping your home clean is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, it helps to create a relaxed and welcoming environment, and secondly, it protects your health. If you do not keep your home clean, bacteria will build up and you and your family will be more likely to get sick. This is especially true when it comes to the kitchen. If you are preparing food in a dirty, bacteria infested kitchen, you can make yourself incredibly ill if your food gets contaminated. There is also a danger of spreading harmful germs from food, such as raw meat, so you need to know how to clean a kitchen properly. 

The thing that people struggle the most when it comes to cleaning their kitchen is simply knowing where to start. There are a lot of different areas that need to be covered and the order that you clean things in makes a big difference. If you don’t have a clear plan in place, it can take you a long time to clean the kitchen. But if you learn how to clean the kitchen in an efficient order, it will be a lot easier. You can use this step-by-step guide on how to clean a kitchen to help you out. 

Tidy Up 

Before you start cleaning, you need to tidy the kitchen up and get everything off the surfaces. There are a lot of appliances that get in the way when you are trying to clean, which is why storage is so important in the kitchen. Make sure that you put everything away properly, so you don’t waste time moving things constantly when you are trying to clean. 

Soak Items In The Sink 

If you have certain items that need to be soaked, like the microwave turntable or the dishwasher drainer, or any pots and pans, you should run a sink of hot soapy water and get them in there right away. This will save you time later because you can soak things while you get on with cleaning the rest of the kitchen. 

Spray The Surfaces 

Next, you should spray the surfaces with an all purpose cleaner. You can buy a good all purpose cleaner or you can make your own if you would like to use more natural ingredients. A simple mix of white vinegar, water, baking soda, and some essential oils to make it smell good will work well as an all purpose cleaner. Once you get everything soaking in the sink, you should spray all of the surfaces liberally and let the cleaner do its thing while you move on to the rest of the kitchen. 

Start At The Top 

Now you are ready to start cleaning things down, and it’s always important to start at the top. Take a duster with a long handle and get to the top of the cabinets because they collect a lot of dust. You should also wipe these down with an all purpose cleaner on a regular basis. People often forget about this area and a lot of grime builds up over time. When you are cleaning the tops of the cabinets, don’t worry about knocking dirt on the floor because you will clean it up later, this is why you always start at the top. 

Wipe Down Cabinets And Clean Microwave

Once you are finished cleaning the top of the cabinets, you can move onto the front of the cabinets. Wipe them down with a cloth dipped in warm soapy water, and if there are stubborn stains on there, you can use an all purpose cleaner. Next, you need to get into the microwave and wipe out any food splatters that are in there. People often neglect cleaning the microwave and the food gets dried on, making it hard to clean off. If this is the case, you should fill a bowl with a mixture of water, vinegar, and baking soda and cook it on high for 5 minutes. Then leave it a further 5 minutes for the steam to work its magic. This will loosen up any dried on food and it should wipe off easily. 

Wipe Down Countertops And Stove

By now, the all purpose cleaner that you put on the countertops and stove will have worked its magic and loosened up all of the dirt and grease. Wipe down all of the surfaces and let any crumbs and dirt fall to the floor to be swept up later. If there are stubborn stains that won’t come off, you can use a mixture of baking powder and a little water to scrub them off. 

Wipe Down Lower Cabinets

You may get some drips and dirt from the countertops and upper cabinets on the lower cabinets, so you need to leave these until last. Once the countertops and stove are completely clean, you can start on wiping down the lower cabinets. 

Wash Dishes And Clean The Sink

All of those bits that you put in the sink to soak should be easy to clean by now, so this should be one of the last jobs that you do. Once you clean the dishes and put them all away, you can give the sink a good clean as well. 

Sweep And Mop The Floor

By this point, the rest of the kitchen is nice and clean, but a lot of the debris and dirt that has fallen on the floor still needs to be cleaned. The last job that you should do is sweep and mop the floors, and you’re done. 

Consider Calling Some Professionals 

This guide should help you to clean your kitchen relatively quickly, but it’s still time consuming and sometimes, you just haven’t got the time. That’s why professional house cleaners like SwiftClean exist. We can make sure that your kitchen is sparkling clean so you don’t need to worry about it and you can be sure that your health is not put at risk by poor hygiene. If you need some help staying on top of your kitchen cleaning, get in touch today to discuss our services.

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