How To Clean A Kids Room (9 Easy Steps)

How To Clean A Kids Room (9 Easy Steps)

Kids’ rooms are perhaps the most difficult of all places in the house to keep tidy. Not only do your children rule the roost in this area of the home, but they have a habit of collecting dozens of possessions throughout the first few years of their life, making your life even harder. 

Keeping a kid’s room tidy requires a strategic approach. It’s not enough to spend ten minutes “blitzing” it in the morning – you’ll be blitzing forever. Instead, you need to develop a system that will enable you to keep the room tidy, even when you’re low on time. 

1 – Make It Easy For Kids To Put Things Away Once They Finish Playing

When it comes to keeping a kids’ room tidy, toys are your number one problem. Many toys have multiple parts that almost inevitably end up strewn across the floor, making the space look like a bombsite. In the worst cases, you’re lucky if you can even see the floor. 

The trick is to coopt your kids and get them into the habit of tidying. The best way to do this is to make it easy for them to put their toys away. Don’t insist that they pack their toys away again into the cardboard boxes they came in. Instead, put a series of large, transparent boxes on racks that they can dump their toys in once they’ve finished. You could have a box for cuddly toys, another for reading books, and another for action figures or toys like Lego with lots of individual parts. 

2 – Create Incentives

Instead of telling your kids that they have to clean their room (which often results in a shouting match), tell them that they have an allowance in the bank of, say $7 for the week, and that every day the bedroom isn’t tidy, they’ll lose a dollar. 

3 – Wipe Down Surfaces And Windows

Over time, you’ll notice that kids’ rooms tend to accumulate dust and grime on windows and surfaces, such as food debris, fingerprints, and stains.

Give your kids room a good wipe down on all surfaces and windows at least once per week. 

4 – Put All Your Cleaning Supplies In A Bucket

When cleaning a kids’ bedroom, you want to be in and out as fast as possible, not wasting time collecting all the implements you need to get the job done. 

Many parents, therefore, keep a “kids cleaning bucket” containing all the supplies that they need to make their kids’ bedrooms spotless. You might want to include implements for cleaning the windows and wiping all the surfaces. 

5 – Let Your Kids Take Ownership Of Their Bedrooms

Many parents believe that they must impose bedrooms on their kids from the top down, but this creates a problem – it doesn’t allow kids to make their bedrooms personal. 

If you want your children to look after their rooms, it pays to help them take ownership of them. Ask them what style they would like and the features they want. Help them design a space that they can be proud of and actually WANT to keep tidy. Avoid shoehorning them into your preferences.

6 – Use Under-Bed Storage

You can now buy large, shallow tubs that can fit under the bed. These tubs are great for kids who have loads of possessions and need somewhere to keep things out of the way. You might be against putting stuff under the bed for stylistic reasons, but if we’re honest, loads of stuff will end up there anyway. You might as well go with the flow. 

7 – Use Crates

Crates are great for dumping stuff, like dirty laundry, toys, and books. 

You can now buy all manner of attractive crates or upcycle your own. 

8 – Vacuum The Furniture

Furniture can be a magnet for dust and debris in kids’ rooms. Grab your handheld vacuum and dust all your sofas, bookcases and cabinets at least once per week. 

9 – Use Your Dishwasher To Clean Hard Toys

You don’t have to wash all toys by hand – some are suitable for the dishwasher. Just make sure that they don’t have any loose parts or contain electronics, or you will almost certainly damage them. 

In summary, cleaning a kid’s bedroom requires that you adopt multiple strategies. Merely attempting to keep on top of all the tidying you need to do with blitzing isn’t sustainable. You need a long-term plan and, if possible, help from your kids. 

If you’re sick and tired of managing the cleaning of your home by yourself, get in touch with SwiftClean. We can keep kids’ rooms looking their best all week long, taking the pressure off you.

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