How To Clean A Fridge (3 Simple Steps)

How To Clean A Fridge (3 Simple Steps)

If you’re planning on thoroughly cleaning your kitchen, you can never ignore your fridge. It’s the one machine in your household that protects raw and cooked food, and if necessary measures aren’t taken to keep up the hygiene, food poisoning is always a possibility. 

However, cleaning the kitchen isn’t as simple as it looks. Some dos and don’ts need to be followed, but the ultimate cleaning process could be dubbed easy but time-consuming. We have prepared a mini list that will help you learn how to clean a fridge.

How To Clean A Fridge: Easy 3 Step Process

1. Empty The Fridge

It might seem obvious, but it is so important that it needs to be mentioned at least once. Before you get down to the actual cleaning, you need to take out all the food items and drinks from the fridge. 

If the fridge is empty, you won’t have a problem reaching around to all the parts. The chances of any contamination are also severely reduced. 

Detangle all of the parts that can be removed, such as drawers and shelves. Instead of cleaning these parts inside the fridge, fill a tub with lukewarm water and dishwashing soap. 

Leave those parts in the tub so they can absorb and settle the dishwashing mixture before giving them a proper wipe with a washcloth. Afterward, don’t forget to rinse them with water.

2. Wipe The Inside Of The Fridge

You can either use commercial wipes for this purpose or create a mixture of warm water and dishwashing soap and water to wipe it clean. Dip a sponge or microfiber clothing in the sponge and use it to clean the surfaces. 

These materials don’t leave behind any particle in the fridge, which is a must for a machine that houses food. 

If the stain inside the refrigerator is particularly stubborn, you can look for baking soda as a solution. Mix a moderate amount of baking soda with a little amount of water, so the result could be a thick paste. 

Apply this paste on the stain and let it sit there for at least an hour. Now, you can wipe it off with a damp cloth. The baking soda should enough to loosen it up.

3. Preventive Measures

You wouldn’t need to sit down and do a deep clean of your fridge if you’re just aware enough to do regular cleaning. Every day, check all the products in the refrigerator and make sure they haven’t passed the expiration date or a cooked meal hasn’t gone bad. 

Immediately throw anything out that’s out of date. Harmful food products are capable of spreading germs and contaminating other items inside the fridge, so you need to get rid of them. 

Sometimes, milk or juice products can spill out of the container and leave behind a stain. Clean those immediately instead of waiting for your next cleaning session. The spill can make its way on to other food, say the ones that are on the lower shelf, and they also tend to leave behind an awful smell. 

A quick and relatively unknown tip is the method of keeping baking soda in your fridge. Fill a plastic box with baking soda and place it at the lowest shelf in your fridge. The soda will devour any strong smell, regardless of whether it is wrong or good.

If you don’t have as much time you would prefer and need to deep clean your fridge, you can always call for help from a maid service like SwiftClean.

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