How To Clean A Bathroom (7 Tips & Tricks)

How To Clean A Bathroom (7 Tips & Tricks)

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house and a facility that you use every day. 

Bathrooms, however, are chaotic places. Not only are they chock full of toiletries and towels, but multiple family members use them every day, adding to the risk of chaos. Every day is a battle against the mess and grime, so how do you stay on top of it? 

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the most effective techniques for keeping your bathroom clean. Read on to find out more: 

Remove All Items From Their Usual Places

The first step is to prepare the bathroom for cleaning by removing all your items, such as soap dispensers, bottles of perfume, toothpaste tubes, and toothbrushes, from their usual place. Toss all towels, bars of soap, and rugs into a big container outside of the bathroom so that you’re ready to begin cleaning all the surfaces. 

Sweet The Floor And Dust The Ceiling

The next step is to clean up dirt particles that people might have trodden in over the week. 

Grab your broom and sweep the floor to collect all the detritus (including the odd toenail). Next, take your long-handled feather duster and remove the dust and cobwebs from all of the corners of the room that you cannot reach by hand. 

Use Cleaner On The Shower And Bathtub

Because your showers and bath both come into contact with water, they need extra special cleaning attention. Showers and tubs have a habit of attracting mold and limescale – your two biggest enemies in the bathroom. 

Grab your bath and shower cleaning sprays. If possible, make sure that you use purpose-designed cleaning products as they contain unique compounds that help to counteract mold and limescale. 

Lightly scrub around the shower, paying particular attention to the grout lines and shower door. Next, move onto the bath, concentrating on the faucets, the plughole, and the sides of the bath unit next to the flowing water. 

Mop The Floor

Once you’ve vacuumed or swept the floor, it’s time to bring out the mop. Mopping helps to clean up the last bits of residue, making it perfectly clean and presentable. Mix some warm water with an all-purpose floor cleaner to achieve a radiant finish on your tiles. 

Wipe Around Your Sink And Vanity Area

Your sink area can start to look very dirty after a week, especially if you have a built-in unit. Water, soap, and toothpaste have a habit of collecting on the surrounding cupboard top. 

First, spray your vanity and sink area with an all-purpose surface cleaner. Leave it to start acting on the stains for a couple of minutes. Then run some warm water and mop around with a clean cloth, wringing it out as you go. 

For tough stains, use a scrubby sponge (one with an abrasive surface at the rear). If you have a mirror, use special glass cleaner on it and follow all the instructions so that you don’t leave an ugly residue. 

Clean The Toilet

Cleaning the toilet might sound like an awful chore, but once you know how to do it properly, it’s pretty easy – more so than your sink. 

Grab your toilet cleaner and spray it up around the inside of the bowl using the special nozzle. Then scrub the toilet around the bowl and underneath the lip with your brush before flushing. 

In some hard water areas, you might notice a dark limescale deposit buildup in the toilet. It’s easy to get rid of this. Just buy some specialist toilet limescale remover and leave it in the bowl overnight. Some bleaches contain anti-limescale agents. Then, come the morning, brush it off with your toilet brush to reveal the white enamel beneath. 

Dry All Surfaces With A Cloth

The last job is to dry all surfaces with a cloth to prevent the buildup of mold, limescale, or bacteria.

Pay particular attention to areas like the rear of the shower door as it has a nasty habit of collecting pools of water that can create problems later. 

In summary, cleaning the bathroom can be a big project, sometimes taking more than an hour from start to finish. While you can do it yourself, many people prefer to hire a  professional cleaning service to help, freeing up their precious time for other things. 

If you’re sick and tired of cleaning your bathroom on a Saturday morning, get in touch with SwiftClean today. We can create a unique cleaning schedule that fits around you, taking the pressure off.

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