How Much is Your Time Worth? And Should It Be Spent Cleaning?

How Much is Your Time Worth? And Should It Be Spent Cleaning?

There’s a popular saying:  Time is money. Now, the question is, how much is your time worth? Do you spend most of it cleaning? Should you be spending most of it cleaning? Well, the answer is no. There’s no possible way the time you could have spent getting your office work done, or learning a new skill or even just letting your body relax after a long day at work should be spent cleaning. You could be catching up with your friends or family but here you are, scrubbing the dirty floor.

If you are still not convinced, let us take the help of some logic and take a look on whether we should be spending our whole time cleaning.

1 . Working

Rather than wasting your time on cleaning, you could be doing something more productive. It’s way easier to give the money you earn to a professional cleaning service than to do the cleaning and get nothing in return. If you could spend more extra time at work and earn more, you will have some profit left by the end of it all.

For this reason, you need to know how much a cleaner usually costs. The usual cost for a full time cleaner is around $40 an hour. However, if the requirement is for deep cleaning rather than for daily cleaning, the cost would be $50 to $60 per hour. If you earn more than what you are paying the cleaner, the rational choice will always be to hire a professional cleaner.

However, this isn’t the only benefit of hiring professional cleaners. Continue reading to find out more.

2. Contribution to the Economy

This might seem like a moot point, but for some people, it matters a lot. By hiring professionals, you aren’t only helping yourself save time, but also helping the country in many ways.

Every time you hire a cleaner, you are contributing towards the GDP. Essentially, it is also releasing you from free labour and creating opportunities for people who won’t otherwise have it. In general, it might be better for the economy. Various economic theories suggest that the people are working at their full potential when they do what they know the best.

You most certainly won’t have more knowledge about cleaning than a professional cleaner. You might take four to five hours to do the entire work while someone who is in the profession would get it done in two at most. In total, you have five hours of your time saved up. This five hours where you could learn a new skill like singing or dancing. You could be trying out photography. You might even find out you are natural at some sports like snowboarding that you had never even contemplated before.

Better yet, you could simply be focusing on your day job. You could be working on the projects you have been meaning to finish for a while and get the rightful praise from your boss. You can finally work towards the promotion you have wanted for so long. While all this might seem like the logical thing to do, the truth of the matter is, about 83 percent of the American women and 65 percent of American men spend their time doing cooking, cleaning and doing other household chores instead of making the best use of their skill set.

The amount of time people spend cleaning seems quite ironic, what with the general consensus from top rated cleaning service being that most Americans hate doing their household chores. They would be doing anything else, even sit with their in-laws in a car for six hours than clean. However, the sense of responsibility in us has made it a law to do the task of cleaning ourselves.

We tend to ignore the bigger picture and just focus on how we should be doing our job ourselves, even though it only brings more trouble for us in the end. If we try cleaning thoroughly, that is all we would end up doing in a day. If we do a cursory cleaning, it might look clean on the surface, but the truth would be we would still be living amongst bacteria and dirt.

All these reasons, both from the economic and our mental viewpoint emphasize the fact that we shouldn’t be spending so much time cleaning. Not when we can create job opportunities for others, and make better use of our time. Unless, you are one of the few people who really enjoy cleaning and find it soothing, spending your time cleaning might not be something you would want to do.

Well, we hope that you have found the answer to your question, and let’s be real, the only reason you had this question was because you were doubting whether the time you have spent cleaning has been worth it. It must have frustrated you to no end to give up on other things you really want to do just because the fact that doing household chores is important has been ingrained into you. It might be time to let go of these inhibitions and hire a professional cleaner.

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