The BEST Guide To Tipping Your House Cleaner

The BEST Guide To Tipping Your House Cleaner

Should you tip the people who clean your house? It’s not always clear. Sure, you’d like their payment to reflect the value that you get in return, but is it the right thing? How much should you tip? And will it all go to the person cleaning your home or the company bosses?

In this tipping guide from SwiftClean, we’re going to answer all of these questions and more. So, without further ado, let’s start brushing away some of the confusion. 

Should I Tip House Cleaners?

Historically, homeowners tipped their cleaners as a kind of voluntary way of boosting their wages. The cleaning profession wasn’t always the best paid, and so when a customer was happy with the work of a cleaner, they offered a tip, over and above the wages that the cleaning company paid. 

Today, the industry is split down the middle when it comes to tipping. Some companies pay their cleaners low rates and charge low fees in the hope that customers will make up the difference with tips, boosting their incomes. Many even include tipping payments in their invoices – which makes you wonder, is it even tipping?

Then there are cleaning services that pay their cleaners much higher wages to avoid awkwardness for their customers. These companies publicize no-tipping policies from the start and emphasize the fact that they pay higher rates to compensate.

So what should you do? Start by speaking to a manager about the tipping policy. Ask about how much staff are paid and whether customers regularly paid a little extra, on top of the standard service charge. If the pay is low, you might want to make up the difference.

How Should I Tip? Cash Or Card?

The next question is how precisely to tip. Should you add a little extra when you pay on plastic or hand cash over to the person doing the cleaning?

In most cases, you’ll want to do the latter. Cash is the best option for several reasons, including the fact that the person doing the cleaning gets to keep all of the money. 

If you’re not comfortable handing out cash, then you can give your cleaner gift cards to get money off their next trip to the store. This can be a great option and means that they don’t run the risk of falling foul of any tax rules. 

Tip Based On The State Of Your Home

When you hire a cleaner, you want them to do a great job – that’s a given. But you also want to incentivize them to work as hard as they can while on your property. 

Some homes, however, are much more challenging to clean than others. As you might expect, the messier and less organized your property, the more challenging cleaners will find it. 

Many homeowners, therefore, find that it’s a good idea to tip based on the state of the home. The messier your home, the more money you should offer in the form of a tip. Tipping helps you become a star client instead of the person with the home that’s in such a poor state that it’s impossible to clean. 

Tip Recurring Cleaning Services

While most one-time cleaning services won’t expect a tip, a regular maid might. You don’t have to tip them after each job, but you can tip them on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the quality of their work. 

Regular tipping should, ideally, be like a bonus payment, compensating the cleaner for the extra effort he or she puts into the job. The more that the cleaner tries to create a beautiful home, the more money, arguably, you should pay.

How Much Should I Tip? 

The amount that you tip can vary depending on the quality of the service. Typically, however, most people tip between 10 and 20 percent of the cost of the service. So, for instance, if you pay a morning rate of $100, then you might pay a $10 to $20 tip. 

While this is the industry standard, nothing is stopping you from going higher than this if you feel that you have received genuinely outstanding service. Some people may even double the original payment for a cleaner who has gone out of their way to provide an excellent service.

Concluding Remarks

Tipping your house cleaner isn’t mandatory, but it is an excellent way to show your appreciation. If you hire a regular cleaner, it’s great for keeping them motivated on the job. Many homeowners tip monthly and sometimes at the end of the year. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to tip in cash: gift cards are a great option too.

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