Top 10 Ways to Get Your Kids to Help You Clean

Top 10 Ways to Get Your Kids to Help You Clean

Getting your children to help you clean, especially their own mess is not easy. However, there are many ways to get them to enjoy the chores. Below are 10 ways to get your kids to help you clean.

  1. Make cleaning a family affair – Before you begin cleaning, have a conversation with them about house cleaning and them being part of the family. You should also let them understand the benefits of living in a clean house. With a clear understanding, they will not feel like cleaning their own mess is a punishment.

  2. Play some cool music – We all know that most kids love music and dancing. Therefore, to get them to help you clean, play some music while they help out. Look for some cool music that will make everyone feel happy and entertained while cleaning.

  3. Break the job into smaller tasks – A big mess can make everyone confused and you may not know the best place to start the cleaning. Instead of cleaning the entire room or house at once, the best idea is to break the job into smaller tasks. Kids love finishing their tasks faster or competing. Hence, this is a nice way to make love helping you. Some of the tasks to start with include: picking dirty clothes and putting them in the laundry basket, making the bed, and polishing school shoes. You can also involve cleaning services to help you when the chores are many.

  4. Have a checklist – To make the cleaning task fun and interesting, use a checklist. Kids love the feeling of finishing a duty and moving to the next one. The feeling of accomplishment is so good for everyone. When a pile of tasks becomes smaller, they will all focus on finishing the entire cleaning job.

  5. Be consistent – Since we are all busy and everyone knows what to do at a particular time, being consistency can make kids do the cleaning job without complaining. Do not let them forget that the cleaning task is a family thing and everyone is responsible for his or her mess. Irregular cleaning is boring and can make the kids become hostile. In addition, consistency ensures that the tasks do not get out of hand. For instance, cleaning the bedroom after two days or for 10 minutes every day is easier than waiting for the whole week.

  6. Give rewards – Whether it is at school, job and even at home, we all love to be appreciated. Hence, to get your kids to help you clean the house, look for something that motivates them. A family movie night, a few coins, snacks or a day out can make them stop complaining. Even though most kids do perform some basic chores every day, it is wise to offer some rewards. This makes them feel part of the family and look to offer help whenever they are asked.

  7. Alternate the tasks – No one would like to be working on dirty chores such as washing the dishes, scrubbing the toilet or cleaning pet stains. To make the cleaning chores entertaining and fun, always rotate the tasks. However, if you have a family member who loves washing the dishes, let him or her enjoy that.

  8. Set aside a place for everything – Creating a room for everything is very important. It makes the chores easier and stress-free. For instance, have laundry baskets in your kid’s bedroom, place some pegs in the bathroom, build bookshelves, and have some baskets in the sitting room for the toys. A clear place for all the items can make the cleaning stress-free and more manageable.

  9. Use consequences – Some kids may not be willing to help. If you try the above ways but they are not willing to help, use consequences as the last option. You can begin by taking away their smartphones, tablets, and the TV. Although you may feel bad, you will be helping them become responsible. In a normal world, people who do poor jobs or fail to report to work do not get paid and lose their jobs. Hence, using consequences can teach them that choices have consequences.

  10. Show appreciation – After helping you clean, show appreciation. A compliment, a hug or a Thank you can go a long way in making them responsible and looking forward to the next chore. Also, they will be longing to please you to get praise.

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