10 Common Cleaning Mistakes (& How To Fix Them!)

10 Common Cleaning Mistakes (& How To Fix Them!)

You’d think that cleaning is an easy job. You just pick up your equipment, and off you go, right? Well, no, it’s not quite as simple as that. The problems in cleaning arise when people think it’s easy just to wash everything with the same cloth, or you don’t change the beds enough. When it comes to cleaning, people can easily make mistakes, and the best thing to do is to learn as much as you can about how to clean effectively. When we know better, we do better, and that means research!

There are plenty of methods out there to clean your home efficiently, and if you can do it without making mistakes, both your home and your family will benefit. No one wants to spend their time cleaning only to learn they’ve done it wrong, but together, we can get it right the first time.

Should you not wish to fix your common cleaning mistakes – especially if you’re too busy – then a house cleaning service can come in handy! So, in the meantime, let’s look at some common cleaning mistakes you could be making. Let’s get it right this time!

1. Dirty Sponges & Cloths

How many times do you squeeze out your sponge while you clean? It’s usually quite a lot, isn’t it? Well, a squeeze isn’t cleaning that sponge of yours, which means that you need to clean your cloths and sponges as much as you clean the surfaces with them. Sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria, but if you add them to a bowl of water in the microwave, you can give them a thorough wash and kill any germs.

2. Spraying Surfaces

Did you know that you’re not supposed to spray products directly to the surfaces? Most people see the commercials where the products are being sprayed onto the tables, and they follow suit. It does work on some surfaces: to spray on the product and wipe it away, but the best thing to do is to spray the product onto a microfibre cloth and then clean the surface that needs cleaning.

3. Going Too Fast

Rushing to get it all done? Well, slow down a little! Not only are you going to end up missing bits and cutting corners, but you’re also going to have to do it all again and go over everything that you missed! This isn’t ideal when you want to spend your time on other things! Instead, set up a routine and follow it day by day, and you’ll soon get into the swing of doing things little and often!

4. Assuming How Things Work

When was the last time you read the instructions on a bottle of bleach or cleaners? Most of us know how to use most cleaning products and equipment, but if you don’t remember the last time that you read the instructions, how would you know that you’re using them right? Instead, double-check your cleaning products and read the instructions properly. You can ensure you are using the cleaners right, and this way, you’re not putting your surfaces at risk of harsh chemicals sinking in.

5. Waiting For Sunshine To Wash Windows

It may feel like a good idea to wait for the sunny days to wash the windows, but it’s not the best idea you could have. The issue is that the sunshine heats the windows up, and you will end up with streaky windows after you’ve just washed them. The soap also dries before you have a chance to use the squeegee, which is why it’s always better to wait for a cloudy day.

6. Forgetting To Dry The Toilet Brush

We mentioned cleaning the sponges earlier, and the same can be said for your toilet brush. It may feel like a good idea to drop the brush back into its holder, but that brush is covered in germs from the toilet, and it needs to be cleaned. Rinse in clean water before you put it away, and wait for it to dry for at least twenty minutes.

7. Buffing Away

It’s easy to feel you’re doing a good job when you buff the surfaces in a circle, but it’s not actually great for the cleaning you’re trying to achieve. Instead, you’re just moving dirt from one place to another and not getting anything done. Instead, clean in an “S” pattern, as you’ll move the dirt away instead.

8. Forgetting To Empty The Vacuum

The dust and dirt you’re taking up off of the floor? That all sits in the inside of your vacuum cleaner. It’s essential to clean it out regularly and ensure that you aren’t letting all that dust just sit there and make your vacuum stale. It’ll clog it up and stop it from working, and that’s not what you need the most! Always check how full it is before you use it and empty it out. Your vacuum needs to be cleaned just as much as it cleans everything else in your home.

9. Overdoing It

Sometimes, less really is more. If you are adding too much cleaner or bleach to a surface, you’re going to do more harm than good. Give yourself less work by only using as much product as you need it. Clean with what you need to avoid streaks and having to take a long time to get it all done. Not only will you be able to save your cleaning materials, but you’ll also save money, and you’ll ensure your furniture lasts a little longer!

10. Cleaning Electronics

While you may have a stash of screen wipes ready to wipe down your tablet or smartphone, it’s not a good idea to add cleaners and bleach to electronic products. You can always use a little water on a cloth to clean electronics if you really need to, but never douse electronics in liquids.

The mistakes you make while cleaning can be rectified, just remember that there are always better ways to do things if you research hard enough. Cleaning can be an easy job when you know how. However; if all of this sounds like too much to handle, then give our cleaning service, SwiftClean, a call today! We’ll save you countless hours so that you can spend your time doing what’s most important to you. Leave the cleaning to the professionals.

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