Cleaning Skills To Teach Your Children

Cleaning Skills To Teach Your Children

The idea that we must teach our children to clean may be one that some protest, but it’s a necessity to those of us who need a little sanity (and help!) from those who are contributing to the mess. Children are messy; that’s a fact, and it’s one that every family lives through each day.

The good news is that children can learn to clean just as much as you can clean the house. By teaching your children necessary cleaning skills young, they will grow to have the responsibility ingrained within them. Not only will you teach them how to keep their space clean, but you’ll also send them into the world for them to one day have grateful roommates and future partners!

You don’t need to teach your children the ins and outs of toilet bleaches versus floor bleaches: natural and safe cleaning products do the job, and your children will be safe using them, too.

So, what skills should you be promoting to teach your children to clean the house with you, as part of a team? Let’s take a look!


No, you’re not going to teach them to put the washer and dryer on, and you’re not going to teach them how to add detergent to the machine. Instead, you’re going to teach them how to separate their lights and their darks, and where to put the dirty laundry when they’re finished with it each day. Picking up their dirty laundry allows them to learn how to pick up after themselves in general, and it becomes a habit over time.

Making The Bed

Every single morning, the cover is thrown off the bed, the pillows askew, and the sheets rumpled. Instead of slaving over the beds once the kids have gone to school, teach them to put the cover back into place, straighten the pillow and make sure the sheets are straight. People say not to bother; they’re going to get back into bed in a few hours, so what’s the point? Well, a made bed makes the room look tidy, and it’s much nicer to slip between the sheets when they’re straight!

Pick Up Toys

Your children ideally have a toy box or a specific place for their toys and books to go. If this is the case, then you must teach them to put away their things as they finish with them. When you do this, you can ensure that your children carry this skill with them to school. It’s an excellent way to teach them how to respect their things.

Washing Dishes

This is totally age-dependent, but there is nothing wrong with teaching your kids to rinse their plates and cups when they’re finished with them. The goal here is to get them to understand how they can contribute to the home. While they may be bringing their own dishes to the kitchen, you should ensure that you show them how to use soap and warm water to clean them efficiently.

Sweeping Up

If your children aren’t big enough to use a broom, get them started with the dustpan and brush. You can sweep the room and all the clutter into a pile, and you can get your children to use the dustpan and brush to clean it up for the bin. The beauty of this one is that you can start small, and they learn how much mess is made in one home. Sweeping shouldn’t be too difficult for them, and if you have older children, then don’t forget that they can use the bigger sweeping brushes and can help a little more!

Wiping Surfaces

A warm, damp cloth is non-toxic for children, and one of the house chores that have to be done daily involves cleaning down the tables and furniture from spills and other messes. Get the children involved and make it a game! They can wipe up their own spaces after they’ve eaten, allowing you to stay on top of the cleaning.

Cleaning should be a part of your family routine, not just a job for the parents! Children live in your home, which means that they are obliged to take care of it and ensure that it’s well looked after. If you teach your children the right skills to clean up after themselves, it becomes something that they have always been used to doing. This gives you the chance to enjoy family life a little more with the children right beside you.

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