10 Awesome Dusting Tips

10 Awesome Dusting Tips

Dust can get everywhere in your home. It contains many different materials, including skin cells, human and animal hair, plant pollen, fabric and paper fibers, and more. While you might have heard that it’s mostly human skin cells, a lot of the material in dust actually comes from outdoors. Whatever’s in it, you don’t want to have it in your home. It’s especially disgusting when you discover hidden dust in a long-neglected area. If you want to be on top of dust, take a look at these awesome dusting tips.

Use Different Tools for Dusting

Before you get dusting, it’s a good idea to make sure you have all of the right dusting tools. Microfiber clothes and a microfiber duster or mop can be extremely useful. Microfiber picks up dust better than many other materials, so you’re not just wiping the dust around. It’s also a good idea to have a telescopic duster. This will allow you to reach up high and low, without having to bend too much or stand on a ladder. A bendy duster can be useful too.

Dust in the Right Direction

While dusting might seem simple, there is actually a write way to dust and a wrong way to dust. Dusting in the right direction is an important part of doing a good job. Dust will fall down as you clean, and you don’t want it to fall onto surfaces that you have already dusted. That’s why it’s important to start up high and then move to lower surfaces. Begin by dusting your ceilings, reaching into the corners of rooms to remove cobwebs.

Replace Air Filters

Replacing the air filters in your air conditioning unit is a vital part of dealing with dust in your home. You should also be sure to pay attention to filters in your vacuum cleaner and anything else that might contain a HEPA filter. Filters that are doing their jobs well will capture dust and prevent it from spreading around your home. If a filter is already clogged with dust and other debris, it won’t be as effective.

Use Your Vacuum Cleaner

Dusters can be good for lots of dusting jobs, but sometimes you need to get out your vacuum cleaner to do the best job. Vacuuming can be especially useful for cleaning out vents, particularly in bathrooms. These tricky, hard-to-reach places can be tricky to clean with a duster. Getting inside small spaces is easier to do if you have a vacuum cleaner on hand. Vacuuming can also be useful for curtains and upholstery. Use the right attachments to do a more effective job.

Remember to Dust Hidden Areas

Out of sight, out of mind. This is often the case when it comes to dusting, but those hidden areas can also nudge at the edges of your mind. If you can’t get rid of that nagging thought, it’s probably time for some dusting. Getting behind the fridge or underneath your sofa can be tough, but it’s worth it to know that everything is clean under there. You can use dusters and a vacuum cleaner to get into awkward places, but sometimes you need to move things too.

Dust Carefully Around Fragile Items

You don’t want to have to move everything around every time you clean. But when you have to deal with delicate items, you might be scared of breaking them. Dusting around the items and dusting the items themselves can be tricky. One of the best things to do is use a small brush like a toothbrush or makeup brush. This can help you get into small spaces when cleaning little trinkets and cleaning around them.

Safely Dust Electronics

Electronics can pick up dust like nothing else. They need to be wiped regularly to keep dust away. Before you dust any electronic items, especially when using water or other products, you should be sure to unplug them. This will mean that you’re safe to start dusting without having to worry about getting any shocks. You can use a toothbrush, paintbrush or similar implement for any crevices that you might need to get into, including speakers and microphones.

Don’t Forget to Dust Textiles

Upholstery and curtains are also important to dust. They can collect a lot of dust if you don’t pay attention to them, although they might not need dusting as often as other areas. When tackling curtains and blinds, you can dust them where they’re hung up with a duster or by vacuuming. Shaking them up outside is also smart, allowing you to get rid of a lot of dust that builds up. Dust off upholstery using your vacuum cleaner with a small brush or upholstery attachment.

Dust Often

The right dusting schedule is essential if you want to keep on top of dust in your home. Leaving it too long will mean that dust builds up and it will take you even longer to get rid of it all. Dusting once a week will help you to deal with dust if you don’t want the problem to get too bad. You can dust less often if you want to, and it probably won’t get too terrible. However, if you want to keep your home super clean, once a week is about right.

Keep Dust Out

You can also prevent your home from getting too dusty from stopping it entering your home. A lot of dust comes from outdoors, so you can take steps to prevent it coming in. Using entrance mats is one way to prevent dust from being tramped through your home. Place one mat indoors and one outdoors for each exterior door, and you can keep your floors cleaner.

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