6 Places in Your Home That You Never Clean (But Probably Should)

6 Places in Your Home That You Never Clean (But Probably Should)

No matter how thorough we are with our cleaning, we all tend to give in to our lazy side and skip some places in our house. Those places usually stay in good condition, so why bother cleaning them anyway? However, regardless of the quality, even the best of the materials can rot if they are not given enough attention.

There are also the nooks and crannies of our home which we simply forget to clean until we have business there and suddenly find the entire area covered in dust. Let’s take a look at some of these places so that they serve as a reminder the next time you are cleaning. When you are overcome with that horrible urge to skip this part of the cleaning and just go to bed, the horrors of the result of your negligence shall serve as a motivation.

1 . Under the furniture

The places under your furniture, like the bed or sofa, get skipped a lot while we are running around sweeping or mopping the house. This can happen simply because of a “out of sight, out of mind” situation or because we purposely delay it every time because moving the furniture takes a lot of time and zaps us out of strength quicker.

Unfortunately, it’s one of the places that require some level of regular care, at least a once a week sweep over. If not, you will find heaps of dust and everyone’s dreaded eight legged friend – cockroaches, making a nest there. As far as popularity among dust and insects go, dark hidden corners like the underside of our bed and couch is pretty high. If you don’t necessarily want to displace your furniture, grab a long broom or even a ceiling broom to reach those dark places.

2. Our precious Door

Doorknobs and doorframes are places that are touched by a lot of people, our family and our guests. Yet, when we are cleaning, we never seem to remember it might need any attention. They might not look dirty to you, but we assure you, with different people constantly touching the doorknob with their hand, it is a hotspot for germs. When you decide to clean again, maybe start with the doorknob and door frame first. You can wipe the doorknob with clean cloths or use disinfectants every once in awhile to get rid of the bacteria resting there.

3. Light Switch Plates

If you have thought of at least cleaning your doorknob once before, you most certainly have not thought of cleaning your light switch and light switch plates. Yet, it’s one of the places in our house that gets touched by us at least more than ten times a day. Even when we do see dust accumulating on it, we still tend to ignore it. But no more, get started on this right after cleaning your doorknob and door frames.

To clean your light switches, first make sure to keep all the switches off. Now grab a clean cloth and spray a little cleaning solution on it. Gently, apply it over the light switch. To make the process quicker, you can use a microfiber cloth. If there are places you can’t reach on the light switch plate, you can use a q-tip.

4. Under the rug

Rugs are the one thing we turn to when guests show up unannounced and we have something on the floor that’s seemingly dirty and we want to hide them. Except, we forget what we have used it for and just let the rug sit on that mass of dirt for ages. Maybe, it’s time you flip the rug over and give it a thorough cleaning.

Rugs don’t need to be cleaned everyday. Just doing it weekly, or even bi-weekly is enough. Flip it over and clean the undersides with a vacuum cleaner. After that, keep it under the sunlight for sometime so it can kill some germs.

5. Windowsills

We don’t let a day go by without opening our windows. We need fresh air and  sunlight. However, those are not the only things that comes in when we open our windows. Dust, allergen, and insects also find a way to get in too. While the dirt on the glass of the window is usually obvious, no one notices the one on the windowsill. If you want your home to shine to perfection, the windowsill requires some cleaning too.

The first order of business is to get rid of the dust with a vacuum cleaner. After that, spray a disinfectant in the area. Let it settle in and then wipe the area with a clean cloth. Again, if there are spots that are particularly hard to reach, use a q-tip.

6. Behind the toilet

Most of us don’t like cleaning the toilet. It’s a dirty place by principle. But it’s something we have to do anyway. What’s worse is though, cleaning behind the toilet. Something we don’t consider for the most part. The back of the toilet seat and the flush, all of it needs cleaning too. Granted, it’s quite hard to reach but if we don’t try to do it at least once in a while, grime and dust will become our permanent friends.

You can use a vacuum cleaner to collect the dust. In case you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, use a broom.

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