5 Ways To Prepare For Your House Cleaner

5 Ways To Prepare For Your House Cleaner

If you’ve hired somebody to clean your house, how should you prepare for their arrival? 

In this quick guide, we’re going to take a look at five ways that you can create an environment that enables your cleaner to do the best job possible.

Put Your Animals Away

While some professional cleaners are animal lovers, most prefer it if they’re able to get on with their work in peace.

Putting your animals away in advance of the cleaner arriving is vital for several reasons. The first is that the cleaner might not be comfortable around some pets, like large dog breeds. Being nervous about a dog might take their mind off the task at hand, leading to poorer cleaning results.

Second, dogs and other animals have a nasty habit of creating additional mess. The last thing you want is dirty paw prints on a freshly-mopped kitchen floor! Thus, before the cleaner arrives, put your pets away and don’t let them create havoc until the job’s done.

Do A General Tidy Before They Arrive

While a maid service can be a fabulous boon to your quality of life, they can only carry out effective cleaning if they have the space to do so.

Imagine the following scenario. Suppose that you want professional cleaners to clean and disinfect your kitchen countertops. If your countertops are free from obstacles, then it’s just a matter of scrubbing any stains and then wiping them down. If, however, they’re covered in dirty pots and pans, a maid service will have a much more difficult job on their hands.

If possible, have a general tidy around before the maid arrives. Put things away so that they can effectively clean surfaces and vacuum the floors. Where possible, try to prevent them from having to waste time tidying up before they can get on with the job of cleaning.

Talk About Problem Areas In Your Home

Most homes have so-called “problem areas.” These are places that you know are dirty – like the back of the refrigerator – but you’re not sure how to clean.

You can often get the best out of your cleaners, however, if you let them know in advance about your concerns. Once they know where the problem areas are, they can address them.

Ask Your Cleaners What You Can Do To Help Them

When you hire a professional cleaner, you expect them to get on with the job of cleaning, freeing you up to do other things. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t offer help. Often small changes such as putting on the air conditioning or making warm drinks available can make a big difference to the quality of their work.

Put Your Valuables In A Safe

The majority of professional cleaners are entirely trustworthy. However, it’s often a good idea to protect everyone from misunderstandings or missing valuables by placing them all in a locked safe ahead of their arrival. This stops any accusations that might arise if some of your possessions went missing. 

So there you have it: how to prepare your house for a cleaner.

Are you ready to hire a maid service?

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