5 Tips For Keeping Your House Clean With Pets

5 Tips For Keeping Your House Clean With Pets

Keeping your house sparkly clean and shiny at all time is no mean feat at all no matter how easy some peace think it is, but keeping your house clean when you have pets, sometimes it feels like mission impossible. But it can be done; you can have a clean home and clean pets at the same time without breaking a limb.

Everyone who owns a pet knows how hard it is to keep track of them and how much it is to keep the house clean and arranged especially if your pet is very active. A lot of pet owners have may have experienced this scenario “you have a friend come to visit you and just when they decide to leave they get up from your couch and you see their back covered with fur and you just don’t know how to tell them, but you just have to, you reach for the lint roller and shamefully hand it over to your visitor, now they have to clean themselves up and dash out of your house like they’re running away from Voldemort.” I know I’m not the only pet person who has experienced this.

Pets can be a bundle of joy but can also be messy, even the most adorable pets who sleep all day leave an unbelievable amount of dirt lying around that you begin to wonder, “I thought she was just lying down on her mat all day.”

Well, hope is not lost, if you are a pet owner and you’re struggling to keep your house clean and also keep your pets happy, we have five tips you can follow to help make your home cleaner.

5 Tips To Keep Your Home Clean Even if You Have Pets

In this section, you will get enlightened on some little hacks and tips that will be helpful, if you want to keep your house clean always with pets living in it.

  1. Keep your pets clean: The best way to keep your house clean is to make sure your pet is always clean. Set up a routine to ensure your pet is really clean every single minute. They might look clean but are they really clean? To be sure they are, make sure you bath them regularly.

Regular baths will not only help keep the pet clean and fresh but your home will also be affected. Your home will always be clean and fresh. Although too many baths aren’t really beneficial to your pets as it strips away essential oils from their skin, giving them dry skin.

Some bath just once a week and that is when they have become too stinky. Whenever they want to take their bath make sure you use recommended pet shampoo, use cool water to avoid dry skin, dry them with a towel and give them the space to shake the water out of their skin.

A clean pet means you have a clean home, so remember to always give your pet their scheduled bath.

  1. Regularly clean your pet’s stuff: Cleaning your pet’s stuff like their plates, beds and toys on a regular basis will help improve the cleanliness of your home.Pets are always in contact with these stuff and the strong odor after some time will take over your room, but cleaning their stuff regularly will help eliminate that strong odor and will further help your home in your quest to always keep it clean.
  2. Brush them often: Fur is the number one issue pet owners find hard to handle if they want their home clean. If you’re faced with fur issue the best way to handle it is to brush your pets often. Daily brushing of your pet means you’re proactive about your pet’s shedding. It is advisable you brush your pets outside to prevent air from scattering fur inside your house.

Keeping the fur menace in your home controlled is one of the best ways to keep your home clean if you have a pet. Some pets have more hair than the other while others shed more, so you should know which of your pets needs to get brushed regularly than the others and be proactive about keeping them clean, you don’t want to be that crazy fur lady in the neighborhood.

  1. Get a quality vacuum cleaner: It is a known fact that the most effective way to keep pet hair and furs controlled is to get yourself a quality vacuum cleaner. Keeping your pets clean and bathing them regularly is a great way of keeping your home clean, but if you want to spend less energy while keeping your home clean the best way to do that is by vacuuming your home regularly.

Look for a pet recommended pet vacuum cleaner that’s capable of picking up pesky hairs and stubborn furs that’s stuck to your rug. You need a vacuum with extra suction, a good brush and quality filter to completely get rid of that hair and the strong odor and not just a vacuum to glide over it.

  1. Get a lint roller: Getting yourself a lint roller is also important if you want your sofa and bed free from those tiny, unreachable furs and hair. That’s why almost every pet owner has a collection of a lint roller.It is the perfect tool for keeping your home clean when you have a pet as a part of your family.

Although all these tips are very important in keeping your home clean always, not every pet owner has the time to go through this home cleaning process, if you fail in this category the best option is to hire a professional home cleaning service.

They should be a pet-friendly home cleaning service with a track record of efficiency and professionalism. SwiftClean specializes in professional home cleaning, we are located in the Los Angeles area with top of the range staff that is made up of the best maids in the area.

To keep your home clean follow those tips for best results or get in touch with SwiftClean and be rest assured your home will be clean and sparkly even more than you expected.

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